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Browse Australia and New Zealand's wedding suppliers through our wedding directory full of quirky and fun wedding professionals. Our venues and suppliers are supportive of all couples and look forward to making your dream day spectacular. Check out the various sections we have available including wedding suppliers, venues, entertainers plus married life services.

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Partnering with Wedeqtory places you firmly in the spotlight for all couples across Austrlian & New Zealand. We have been scouring Australia for queer-friendly venues and wedding professionals for over five years now. We offer a comprehensive listing at an affordable price but here’s more reasons why you should join!

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How to Chose a Celebrant? Vital Questions to Ask.

If you are unsure what to ask or even what could be included as part of a celebrant's services, Julia has all the vital information to questions that you need answered! Things to Ask Your Celebrant. When should l book a celebrant? Great question! Like all good suppliers, you should book your Celebrant several months before the big day as there is a bit of planning involved and if you're hoping for a popular Celebrant, chances are they are already filling up their diaries with weddings up to 18 months in advance. So as soon as you've picked a wedding date, then go ahead and pick your Celebrant! Find A Celebrant through our Directory How do l chose a celebrant? Go with what feels good! :) If you've seen a Celebrant perform at a friend's wedding before or you have seen them online, or on their website or youtube etc. and you like what you see, then give them a call. There are so many different kinds of Celebrants out there... Some come across quite formal, others more relaxed and casual. Choose a Celebrant that sends the right vibe that...Read More

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Wedding Flowers November is for Peonies

PEE-ony or pe-OH-ny? It really doesn’t matter, but however you choose to pronounce it, chances are you’ve heard of the peony. The lifestyle influencer of the flower world, the peony has rich-girl hair and a perfectly organised pantry, and lives in a constant state of gentle aesthetic perfection. All jokes aside, peonies have been a mainstay of the floral industry for many years and their popularity shows no signs of abating. A much loved crowd favourite, peonies come in a dazzling array of colours and varieties and flower growers seem to produce new ones every season. They are a truly astonishing flower, emerging from a tiny bud that you would have no idea housed such frilly flamboyance. From the single layered tree peonies, to the colour changing Coral Charm, there is a peony variety for every flower lover. It should be noted that while the season for locally grown peonies is from late October to late December, Australia gets a flush of imported Dutch peonies every autumn through April and May. This can vary though, depending on certain factors. For instance, in the autumn of 2019, imported peonies were available...Read More

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Considerations for Going Unplugged at your Wedding

In today’s world it’s hard for most of us to go a few hours without checking our phones. Whilst getting that selfie or capturing the spectacular dinner you are about to consume is appropriate for your Instagram it can really get annoying and somewhat destroying at a wedding. Especially if a paid photographer is trying to capture the event.  Photography // You should also remember that you are there to attend and witness the union of some good friends with your own eyes. In today’s world we use technology to become more connected when in fact it can totally work in the opposite way. It can become distracting and detracting from the one event you want to celebrate with your friends. Let’s highlight some common scenarios where cameras, iPads and mobile phones have captured more of the special moments than the photographer due to interference. Assuming at the ceremony that there’s some sort of aisle and the photographer wants to capture the couple as they kiss. This is typically a photo they will want and then everyone jumps into the aisle with their fab pads and what not to...Read More

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