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Partnering with Wedeqtory places you firmly in the spotlight for all couples across Austrlian & New Zealand. We have been scouring Australia for queer-friendly venues and wedding professionals for over five years now. We offer a comprehensive listing at an affordable price but here’s more reasons why you should join!

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Q - Z of Queer Weddings | Honouring Departed Loved Ones

Quite often weddings are sweet-sad occasions on which the absence of someone really loved is felt acutely. I have performed many weddings where a parent of either party has passed away recently or even a long time ago. Sometimes it’s doting grandparents who are missed, or a special friend. On an occasion like a wedding these loved ones are conspicuous by their absence, and it is comforting to invoke their presence with special rituals. It’s appropriate to say something in the introduction to the ceremony to acknowledge loved ones who’ve passed away, even to light a candle to them at the beginning. A brief acknowledgement is all that is necessary, as after all the purpose of the day is to celebrate life and new beginnings.  Sometimes words needn’t even be used: I did one ceremony where an empty chair was left in the front row with a note acknowledging that the seat was reserved in memory of a dad taken too soon. On other occasions I’ve seen objects placed on the signing table as a symbol of the person absent – a favourite ornament, a photo, a family heirloom.  ...Read More

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What is a Venue Coordinator?

A Venue Coordinator assists with everything to do with the venue itself – such as food and beverages, basic setup, and accommodation if guests will be staying at the venue. If your ceremony is at a different location than the venue, which is common, your on the day wedding coordinator will be there with you to ensure everything goes according to the timeline that you have agreed to. This is across all the supplier elements including hair and makeup, photographer and videographer, transport and your wedding party. A venue coordinator will not be at the offsite ceremony and will have had no involvement in the critical supplier coordination process. If the ceremony is at the venue, then the venue coordinator will be there to help but would not be involved with any third-party supplier that has not been organised through the venue.  Photography // Josephine Ki // Sydney, NSW The venue coordinator usually only remains at the venue until the main meal is served then leaves – although some may stay until the cake is cut and served but this varies greatly from venue to venue. Always confirm in your...Read More

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How to Start Your Wedding Budget with these Easy Steps.

When you start your wedding planning, the budget is often hardest thing to figure out. Whilst there are must have items, working out what exactly you can afford can be tricky. It’s highly likely that you haven’t planned a wedding before and with so many elements that are on a tight timeline it can be a daunting task. Here is our guide to working out a rough budget and by answering some of these questions you can start to define one that’s realistic for you.  Book in a date night and take this blog article with you so you can discuss your ideas and roughly settle on a few things before you start approaching vendors or your preferred venue.  It’s important to be on the same page when you start looking around our directory for vendors because at the end of the day if you arrive to a wedding planner without a solid idea of what your vision is, it may end up being a waste of time and likely frustrating. Wedeqtory’s Wedding Planner:  Now before we get started with the budget, we suggest your first step is to sign...Read More

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