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When we launched into the LGBTI Wedding Industry (2012) at the time there was no other directory, platform or website that delivered a safe, welcoming wedding website for LGBTI couples. We started working with the wedding community, allowing vendors who support marriage equality to ‘come out’ and proudly showcase their services or venue to same-sex couples. Those vendors who saw a future that included LGBTI couples as equals under the law quickly jumped on board as we began to educate the wedding industry on how to work with LGBTI couples.

Our brand was becoming more known by the week and through our networks we built a solid reputation in a country that generally, hadn't thought too much about same-sex marriage. We were on a mission!

Speaking of which our mission statement was written and our vision for the next 10 years was road-mapped. We are here to provide a platform for LGBTQ+ couples to plan their wedding, from a directory of equality-minded professionals without fear of rejection. We welcome any new service providers and venues who wish to show their support for same-sex couples and we look forward to not only listing them on the website but we also provide them educational material to assist in understanding the nuances of same-sex weddings.

Since those early days we have now also produced Australia's First LGBTI Wedding Magazine, a Wedding Planner that assists you every step of the way AND we are the co-founder of Australia's only educational Masterclass Series that trains wedding professionals to work effectively and respectfully with LGBTI couples. 

As a major part of our mission we also give back to the community supporting Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, Harbour City Bears, Australian Gay & Lesbian Archives, Switchboard Victoria and Rainbow Families. 
We are Queer Owned, Australian based Small Business and the LGBTI Wedding Industry Leader We have come a long way and as industry leaders we also listen to you and what you have to say and that’s what crafts us as individuals, the business and the LGBTI wedding industry. 

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