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Lillian Lyon


I have been a celebrant for 14 years, and I must say that it has been many wonderful years filled with romance, excitement, challenges and diversity! December 9, 2017 was the highlight of my celebrant career. I spent that day crying with happiness because Marriage was redefined as “the union of two people”

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The reason I became a celebrant.

We were married overseas by a celebrant. He was a nice enough person, however the ceremony only included the legally required basics. Some years later, I attended a family wedding. The ceremony was officiated by a celebrant, and I said to the people standing beside me, “I could do this.” They jumped on me saying, “You’d be great Lillian! Really! Do it, do it!” I thought they were just trying to humour me. The next day, I made enquiries, enrolled in the course, and here I am.

My role as a celebrant.

I believe my role encompasses more than what we are required to do as stated in the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants. Weddings are not just about ticking boxes and getting the job done. There are emotions involved, and personal preferences to style and character. Family dynamics and sensitivities to a relationship may often require emotional intelligence, an open mind, and a big heart. Speaking from experience, weddings do not always go to plan! Being able to think on your feet, and having a high care factor is a valuable asset as a celebrant.

What makes a good celebrant?

I believe that being a good celebrant is having the ability to open your heart to people from all walks of life, having no prejudice, being a good listener, taking the time to understand couples, and what they expect from their ceremony, whether it be for their wedding day, a name giving celebration, or a funeral.
Call me anytime on 0438 506 123 for a chat.


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