FAQs for Venues & Vendor

What's the cost?

Our subscription plans are an annual fee that is all inclusive. We do not charge extra for leads or charge commissions and that's what our clients love. We have two tiers of subscriptions but essentially the more you pay the more exposure you receive.

Do l get my own login and can l edit my listing at any time?

Yes, once you sign-up through our vendor sign-up page you will receive login details that you can use to edit your listing.

What's the difference between each subscription plan?

  • The PREMIUM plan allows for a listing in 2 categories, an embedded video link, all your contact details and listed above Enhanced listings within your category. Plus, you get a shout out in our monthly newsletter.
  • The ENHANCED plan allows for a listing in 2 categories, all your contact details and listed below the Premium listings within the same category.

How are enquiries handled?
On every listing there is an email contact form that couples can use to reach you. When the couple hits submit you receive a copy of the form directly to the email address you supply in your listing. It is then up to you to make contact with the enquirer directly. We do not charge per lead, it's an all inclusive one off annual fee.

Do you allow my social media channels to be displayed on my listing?
Yes, there is allowance for your facebook.

If l purchase a premium listing, when do l get showcased on the newsletter?
As a premium vendor you will be showcased soon after your paid listing is made live and again 7 - 10 months later. 
We provide a rotation between vendors, articles and inspiration so it is at our discretion when we display vendors to keep a balance of content versus direct marketing.

How do I sign-up?
You can sign-up online through our subscriptions page located here.

Do you have package deals?
Yes, we have a sliding scale for those venues or vendors who wish to have list multiple listings. We do allow a venue & service to be under the same listing as long as the venue and service operates from the same address. Contact us for our rates so you can see which is the best for you.

How do you define a venue listing?
Each venue is a single listing; we use the address of the venue as the defining location which is displayed in the google map that is within each listing.

How do you list service providers?
Wedeqtory allows one or two services to be listed under the same listing as long as both services operate from the same physical address.

Do you allow Agencies or Large Collectives?
We do not allow agencies or large collectives, simply because we want our customers to get the person or persons that's listed on the directory.

Do you offer payment plans?
We do offer quarterly payments. You must contact us beforehand regarding these payments plans to be activated.
The credit card must be valid for the entire payment period and will be automatically deducted from your account every three months.
If the credit card bounces at any time the listing is deactivated until payment is received.

Do you allow hyperlinks from the listing to other websites?
We provide hyperlinked buttons within the listing which are tracked. We do not allow hyperlinks to the business website that has purchased the listing but we do not allow hyperlinks to other third party websites. 

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