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Q - Z of Queer Weddings | 10 Alternatives to Walking the Aisle

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Question: What are ten alternatives to walking the aisle?

We posed this month's Q-Z of Queer Weddings question to Melbourne celebrant Klara McMurray from our directory. 

Gone are the days when the groom waits at the altar, gas-bagging with his boys while the ‘bride’ walks down the aisle with family. Well, they’re not gone, but they’re not so much of a given anymore especially now that same-sex weddings have stormed to the forefront of the industry. It’s been a long-running discussion I have with couples, even before the law changed, because I just wanted people to understand they have choices. Now thanks to the yes vote it’s more prevalent than ever.

 Some people don’t want to do the traditional entrance either because: 

  • They don’t want to be ‘given away’. 
  • They want to support each other in that scary walk. 
  • They just want to shake things up a bit!

    Whatever your reason, let’s explore the options.

Couple Kellie & Stacey with Yasmina Nadine Photography // Sydney, NSW

1) Canine company  - Get your very best mate to walk with you. The only thing better than a dog is a dog in a bow tie or custom-made suit. Things rarely go smoothly but I can guarantee that everyone’s hearts will be well and truly melted by the time they reach the altar. 

2) One in front of the other  - You both hang out behind the scenes, pepping and egging each other on. Party 1 comes down first, with or without their family, followed by Party 2. You can relax together before kick-off and avoid small talk with guests who love to ask if you’re nervous, which invariably makes you more nervous. However, Party 1 tends to feature in photos a bit more than Party two. Some might consider this a positive. 

Couple Chris & Steven with Klara McMurray Celebrant // Melbourne, VIC

3) Side by side both parties hang-10 while your celebrant does the intro ‘spiel’ then the music kicks into gear and its show time! You grab each other’s hand and walk in as equals. After all, this gig is about you forming an even more solid gang of two, so what better way to represent that fact? Just like the previous option you get to hangout together before the show starts, which is nice, and the photos look awesome. On the other hand you don’t have that ‘first look’ kind of vibe as one walks towards the other. 

4) Circle action 'where everybody stands in a giant circle including yourselves and your celebrant. I wouldn’t recommend this one for more than 30 people as it’s too difficult to arrange but what a delightful symbol of equality to all in attendance. 

5) Everybody in together. You both enter the space at the same time as your guests. Your celebrant can either be with you all and lead the way, or alternatively can be waiting in the space.

Couple Amy & Sam with Klara McMurray Celebrant // Melbourne, VIC

6) Mingle then just do it! This one’s also great for smaller crowds and sets a very casual feel to the ceremony. Perfect for those that don’t want too much build-up or fuss. 

7) Come together from either side. I had two nearly-weds once start at either side of the guests down the back and walk towards each other while gathering a flower from each member of their waiting wedding party as they got closer and closer. It totally killed two birds with one delightful stone. They met in the middle, ready to walk down together and had bouquets by the time they met. Awesome! 

8) Guests enter last. How about the idea that you two hang out together on the spot marked X and then your guests come and join the party? It’s nice because you’ve both had a chance to settle into what’s about to happen and had some control of the vibe beforehand. Super casual and zero-tension. 

9) The rainbow crossing. How about stepping over a rainbow, or walking along a rainbow as the aisle or for the sake of photos, have a rainbow underneath you when you tie the knot? How fun! 

10) A la Traditionale. Party 1 waits behind the scenes, the other is up at the altar either with or without a support-network. Party 1 waits for the house-keeping rant and crowd warming from the celebrant. The music starts and hey presto, they’re walking towards us. There’s no turning back now! Watching each other as you get closer and closer is downright thrilling, however it tends to set a precedent of gender roles but that’s ok too! Of course, there are a myriad of other options out there too. 

So, these are a few ideas for you. The main point is don’t get restricted by traditional ideals, do it like Fleetwood Mac suggested: Go your own way!!!!! 

Klara McMurray
Melbourne, Australia
Klara McMurray Funky Celebrant

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