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12 Subtle Ways to Show Your Pride at Your Wedding

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Sunday, September 09, 2018

There are a number of ways to show your pride at a wedding but we have chosen 12 more subtle ways to showcase your inner rainbow without it taking over your entire wedding.

Have Some Fun in a Photo booth.

I am sure there's going to be lot's of fun at your wedding but why not hire a photobooth and add some extra items in there for your guests to play around with. A photo booth takes up a small space and can provide those fun, memorable and forever laughable moments you will cherish forever more. 

Image: Cari Courtright Photography

Slice Into a Rainbow Cake

It's the obvious one and we have all seen a bunch of rainbow cakes but here's one of our favourites.

Image: Mr Baker

Step into a pair of Rainbow Heels.

You not only get the rainbow with these heels but you also get the sparkle.

Image: Albert Palmer // UK

The Rainbow Wedding Party.

Want to keep it hidden? Here's a way to incorporate the rainbow without being over the top when it comes to the rainbow.

Image: Hilary Cam Photography // Sydney

Image: Three Nails Photography // USA

Include a bunch of Glow In The Dark Rainbow Ducks

These glow in the dark ducks would look fantastic floating around a pond or lake in the background of your reception. All Glow-in-the-Ducks have a colour changing LED inside which is activated by water. They slowly phase through different colours creating a fun atmospheric light and l think your guests will love them. Available for $25 each in our shop here.

Let Your Four Legged Friend Show His Pride!

The shades of the rainbow can be really bold and notoriously difficult to blend with other aspects of your wedding decor, so if a bolder display of rainbow or purple won’t work with your wedding vision, think about placing a small pin or button inside your suit jacket or gown. Shop here for dog ties and bandanas.

A Summer Wedding and Gay Times!

What’s better than cooling off to an ice-block during the heat? And who could turn down a golden gaytime?!!

LGBTI Landmark Photography.

Make some time to get some photo's at a LGBTI landmark.

Let Off some Smoke Bombs

It's the hottest trend right now within the wedding industry and why not add some magic to your images.

Image: Same Love Photography // Sydney

A Rainbow Lapel

Adding a small rainbow lapel to your outfit might just be the touch of colour you are looking for.

Rainbow Flamingos

Yes, you can purchase rainbow flamingos through Amazon or alternatively you can buy a bunch of pink flamingos and paint them rainbow.

And here's some more suggestions:

  • Rainbow Invitations
  • Rainbow Umbrellas
  • Donate to a LGBTI Charity as your wedding gift.
  • Hire 'Love Is Love' letters for your wedding day.

Leave a comment with your suggestions and we will add them.


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