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How to Nicely Advise that Your Wedding is Adults Only.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It’s finally here. Your big day. Your special moment to proclaim your love for another person to the entire world, and embark on an eternity of wedded bliss. 

You and your partner are all caught up in the warm and fuzzy feelings… until a second-cousin’s 2 year old starts crying in the middle of your vows. Or little ones at the reception can’t keep themselves from running around the dance floor and tripping over other guests- and getting dangerously close to the cake.

Image: Del Sol Photography

While kids and be cute, if the thought of tiny terrors on your wedding day strikes fear into your heart, it might be wise to limit your special day to adults-only.

The only question is… How do you nicely tell your guests?

  1. Be clear and state it – tell your guests “This is an adults-only wedding.” This eliminates any confusion about little ones being entitled to attend, even if they won’t be adding to the bar tab or eating cake.

  2. Individually address each guest on the invites. – This is a more subtle way of indicating that children aren’t welcome as they aren’t listed on the invite. Addressing “The ________ Family” opens up your RSVP list to be more than you may have intended.

  3. Reserve the seats. – Mention on your invitations “You have been reserved (insert number) of seats at the reception”. If your inviting a couple, this highlights that there’s no room for the kiddos. It can also work for singles to let them know that they can/cannot bring a plus one.

Need some other example? Try using these options:

“Due to limited numbers, we are sadly unable to extend this invitation to children who are not addressed. We hope that you will see this as an opportunity to enjoy an adult day, let your hair down, and that you are still able to join us on our special day!”

“We hope you understand that our wedding is not suitable for children. Adults only please.”

“While we love to watch children run and play, this is an adult-only kind of day”

“Sweet dreams for those under 16” (or whatever your cut-off age limit is)

Kassidy Eberhart
NSW, Australia

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