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The Unsuitable Podcast - By Bespoke Queer Attire Founder Deb Sawell

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Thursday, August 08, 2019

The Unsuitable is the podcast of innovative Sydney clothing designer and manufacturer, Shane Ave. Founded by Deb Saywell, Shane Ave specialises in clothing for the Queer Community and the podcast is a natural extension of the business, presenting the stories of some of the world's most interesting people.

The Preview The Unsuitable 10 MIN 

Welcome and thanks for clicking on our new podcast, The Unsuitable. Through my business Shane Ave I have been exposed to some of the most remarkable human stories imaginable. In fact, they are stories so good I couldn't keep them to myself. Enter - The Unsuitable Podcast. 

The stories of my clients range from heartwarming to gut wrenching and everything in between. They're stories of triumph and tragedy, heartbreak and hope. But ultimately, they are human stories and they are the best tales of all. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you never miss an episode and we hope you enjoy the journey with us. 
Ep1 - Life as a Bisexual, Lesbian, Transman and now Non Binary - Dibs Barisic Sprem 46 MIN

At 13 Dibs came out as bisexual. By 15, they identified as lesbian. At 17 they felt more trans masculine though fast forward seven years and Dibs now identifies as gender non binary.

Dibs’ journey is not an uncommon one in the queer community and is just one of the reasons we chose them for this inaugural episode of The Unsuitable podcast. From the reactions of family members to bullying at school and the simple issue of language and words surrounding being non binary, Dibs is open, honest, forthright and thoughtful in this first of what we hope will be many educational and entertaining episodes to come.
Ep2 - Humiliated and rejected at the Brisbane Pride Festival in 2007- Rebecca Johnson 52 MIN 

Rebecca Johnson and her friends were humiliated and rejected at the first Brisbane Pride Festival in 2007. Today Bec is President of Brisbane Pride and the co founder of Indigilez that was formed as a direct result of the treatment they received. Bec shares her story of growing up in the Northern Qld town of Bundaberg with parents that were active and well respected for their community work in Indigenous Affairs. Bec is an advocate for all things LGBTIQ and particularly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community. Bec story is compelling listening.

  Ep3 - Remove the content on your social media or lose your job! - Kim Sheehy 46 MIN 

Remove the content on your social media or lose your job! This is what Kim Sheehy was told when she started a new job as a music teacher in a Catholic School. Kim grew up in the country town of Maclean in Northern NSW. After her appearance on The Voice in 2016, Kim settled in Sydney NSW and secured a job as a music teacher in a Catholic School. Tired of living a lie, Kim left the Catholic School and started work at a public high school where she could be her authentic self, a lesbian woman in a loving relationship.

Kim recently appeared on The Voice All Stars and thrilled Australians with her amazing voice. Kim shares what life was like growing up in a country town and what The Voice has done for her confidence and growth, both as a person and a musician.

  Ep4 - Gay Conversion Therapy in the 20th century, surely not! 51 MIN 

Alex bears the scars of gay conversion therapy, and in this weeks episode she speaks openly and honestly about the lasting effects of her experiences around gay conversion therapy and the religious organisations that continue to practice this unethical and barbaric therapy. Gay conversion therapy comes in many forms and is often practiced in secrecy within churches and religious communities. Whatever form it is delivered in, it is an evil practice that aims to perpetuate the idea that LGBTIQ+ people are in some way "broken" and can be fixed.

Alex is living proof that she is far from broken although she still carries trauma and pain associated with her coming out experiences. Today Alex is living a full life as a high school teacher and is a very active board member of Wear it Purple......

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