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Considerations for Going Unplugged at your Wedding

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

In today’s world it’s hard for most of us to go a few hours without checking our phones. Whilst getting that selfie or capturing the spectacular dinner you are about to consume is appropriate for your Instagram it can really get annoying and somewhat destroying at a wedding. Especially if a paid photographer is trying to capture the event. 

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You should also remember that you are there to attend and witness the union of some good friends with your own eyes. In today’s world we use technology to become more connected when in fact it can totally work in the opposite way. It can become distracting and detracting from the one event you want to celebrate with your friends.

Let’s highlight some common scenarios where cameras, iPads and mobile phones have captured more of the special moments than the photographer due to interference.

Assuming at the ceremony that there’s some sort of aisle and the photographer wants to capture the couple as they kiss. This is typically a photo they will want and then everyone jumps into the aisle with their fab pads and what not to capture the moment themselves. What is the photographer left with… a photo full of fab-pads and an ear of one partner and the hair of the other? Perhaps this is a good point to make for unplugged weddings, so you hire more than one photographer!

Now, if you are the couple the problem is you take a look back at your guests behind you whilst you are preparing to say your vows and all you can see are those bloody fab-pads. Yep, fab-pads and no faces because everyone is looking skywards trying to get a pic through their technology which is flashing away and leaving you squinting at the 15 flashes that happen in 15 secs.

Now let’s think about the whole point of a photographer or videographer. They are paid to capture the wedding including all those little extra special moments and alongside that they are a professional. Let the professionals do what they are paid to do without constantly readjusting their position because someone stepped right in front of them. It really would be considered rude at any other event!

Let’s face it… how many great quality photos did you capture the last time you went out for a big night? When you are trying to capture the couple in a darkish venue with movement around you need more than just skill, you need flashes and flashes can ruin other people’s photos including the paid photographer.

After all, there's no reason why everyone can't resume their normal phone activities after the ceremony.


How to Go Unplugged

Make it clear from the very beginning that your wedding is an unplugged wedding and put some detail about what you expect when it comes to certain parts of the wedding. Include this information within the wedding invitation to all guests with a note so that they will understand the reasons behind it.

Perhaps include a paragraph that states: ‘You are invited to our wedding to share and celebrate with us the love between x and x. Our wedding ceremony is an unplugged event which means we ask there to be no technology during the ceremony because we want you to experience our wedding. We have paid professional photographer(s) so you can celebrate with us and they will provide some wonderful photos of the day at a later date.’

If you have a wedding website or a ceremony program place a little reminder in there as well to reinforce your unplugged wedding preference.

On the actual day install a sign near where your guests approach the ceremony space. Ask certain friends to remind people it is an unplugged wedding and to please put their mobile devices away for the ceremony portion of the wedding.

There will always be someone who thinks they may be exempt e.g. the aunt who just must have that classic kiss shot. so as a final reminder before the vows take place get your celebrant to gently remind the guests during the welcome speech or as they are assembling the crowd before the couple enter the ceremony space (that’s assuming they walk in). The celebrant is an authority figure during your wedding, so people tend to pay more attention to them.

Ultimately if you can remove mobile devices from your wedding ceremony it does foster a stronger bond between the newlyweds and their guests. You are receiving an invitation to attend, not to photograph and that is the best way to attend a wedding… right?



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