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Do I Need to Feed the Wedding Vendors?

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Friday, August 03, 2018

We highly recommend you feed those vendors who are working on the reception otherwise you may end up with hangry vendors! Your wedding vendors are there making your wedding spectacular and in doing so they may be hanging around for up to 10 hours and just like you they need to re-fuel. 

What Vendors typically need a meal?

The vendors that are an integral part of your wedding reception and are there for long periods of time is our guide.

  • Photographer,
  • Videographer,
  • DJ and Band
  • Planner
  • .. and their staff or assistants.

As for celebrants, it’s not a necessary offer to have to make but it’s worth a thought to share a drink with them after the ceremony. After all they will be working closely with you in the lead up to the wedding by calming your nerves and providing advice at the right time.

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When should the Vendors eat?

When it comes to your photographer, videographer and planner its best they eat when you are eating – there’s nothing really to photograph at this time and if there is, you can always leave disposable cameras around for people to snap away. The band and DJ should be fed prior to your guests are seated for dinner to ensure they are ready to go as soon as you announce the toasts and the music begins. 

Talk about the contract.

Typically, vendors will have a clause in their contract that specifies they will require a meal but it’s always good to ask during your vendor interviews. Occasionally, they may not require a meal and you want to know for catering numbers right, so, do ask.

TIP: Don’t forget to ask if they have any dietary requirements or allergies.

Ask Your venue/caterer if they offer discounted vendor plates:

Venues or caterers may offer discounted plates for vendor meals so it’s worth a thought to ask whether they offer this and what’s their rate. If you are providing a very expensive meal for your guests so you may want to negotiate with the caterer on an alternate meal for your vendors. Just remember to offer them something just as substantial, they will be on their feet all day and need a good feed.

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Provide a vendor table

Set aside a table specifically for the wedding vendors as they will be enjoying their meal at the same time as you. The DJ can organise some background music on auto-play for some slight atmosphere whilst everyone is discussing how beautiful your ceremony was.

You can say ‘No’.

You may be providing the meal for the vendor but it’s up to you whether you provide drinks. They are on the job and therefore probably shouldn’t be drinking at all, but you may wish to share the celebration with them and offer a glass with their meal.

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