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How to Make Your Wedding Eco-friendly

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, March 18, 2019

Thinking of ways to make your wedding eco-friendly? It is easier than you think. Many people are leaning towards staying as green as they can, and they don’t need to dress the wedding party in biodegradable clothing to do it. Check out our tips on going green for your wedding. 

Reception Venue 

The ultimate way to cut down on energy usage is by having an outdoor venue for your ceremony, reception, or both. But if the season of your wedding date requires you to be indoors, you still have less impact on the Earth by having your ceremony and reception in one place (that’s less traveling for the guest and less pollution). Encourage your guests to car-pool, another great opportunity for those from out-of-town to get to know the others at their table. 


If you can’t resist beautiful hand-lettered stationery for your wedding invitations, consider going paperless for your “Save the Date” notifications. Once the official invitation arrives, this typically gets tossed in the bin, while invitations are kept as mementos. Check out printing on recycled or plantable paper where the infused seeds can sprout in a garden, or even in a landfill if the invitation is thrown away. For those technically switched-on, consider creating a wedding website or utilise a free online wedding planner. 



If you are keen for flowers at your wedding, opt for in season flowers which means they spend less time in the fridge, and therefore use less electricity. Wild flowers can add a personal touch to your style. If you’re not big on florals, you could make a bouquet from brooches, recycled paper flowers or even succulents (check out our succulent wedding ideas here). Potted plants are a cool option for centre pieces and favours, as your guests can take them home and plant them as a memory of the fun they had at your celebration. 


Re-wear, hire, purchase vintage or borrow your wedding clothing to save $$$ and help with the staying eco-friendly. Those in your wedding party could wear something they already own or could borrow with just a few guidelines from the couple including colour or length. If you are set on purchasing your wedding clothes new, check out sustainable fabrics like cotton, silk or hemp. 


Everyone can be creative with decorations. Vintage furniture, mix and match china, mason jars for drinks, recycled cardboard decorations, tree leaves for the table decorations and bio-degradable tableware including bamboo plates are all eco-friendly solutions. If you would like confetti thrown, rose petals and gum tree leaves are great substitutes. The options are endless with what you can recycle and use as decorations, even see what your guests might be able to lend you for the day. Try to avoid items that are only a “one time use” and are harmful to the environment like balloons and plastic tableware that’s discarded afterwards. 


Whether it be the seating plan, the timeline or the Mrs & Mrs signs that hang off the wedding party table, think about what they are printed on and how you could re-use them later. You may decide to frame particular items as a memory, re-purpose and place them in the kitchen or garden or insert them into your wedding album if you have one. 


If you don’t need gifts (and have everything already) ask your guests to donate to your honeymoon fund or your favourite charity. Having eco-friendly wedding is simple. Just a few small changes can make for a greener wedding and there can be a sense of accomplishment knowing that your celebrations have made a difference.

Kassidy Eberhart
NSW, Australia

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