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Engaged: Gary and Steve, Waiting For Marriage Equality

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Saturday, August 27, 2016

Together for eight years, Gary & Steve are waiting for Marriage Equality. They want to celebrate AND they want to be formally recognised as a married couple but the Australian government continues to deny them this basic civil right. That hasn't stopped them from dreaming about what they would like at their wedding so we delve a little into their thoughts and plans on what they envision for the big day.

Weditors: So you’re engaged! Set the scene, where, when and who proposed?!

Gary: We had arranged a trip to Japan some with a good friend and on the day we flew out I decided to take the rings with me. I had the idea that I would find the right place and moment to pop the question. I attempted to do so one day by suggesting we go to an area for a day trip but Steve insisted on staying in the town we were in, so it foiled my plans! Once we got home I got down on one knee and asked him to marry me.

Weditors: You plan to marry once we have Marriage Equality, why are you (along with the majority of gay couples in Australia might l add) waiting?

Steve: In Australia, we can be engaged but not married. So even if we did get married no one would take it seriously. When I told some friends we are engaged they laughed and replied "can you do that". This shows we need the same rights.  

Gary: We also want our families to be there and we would rather have a larger wedding in Australia than travel overseas with only a handful of people.

Exploring the many temples of Japan in April 2013.

Weditors: On the day the marriage equality bill passes how are you planning to celebrate?
Steve: Head to the registry ASAP in case they change the law!! (laughs) 
We are building on our wine cellar for our wedding, so it will be a champagne affair at home with a trip to a nice bar to enjoy the celebration.... and maybe another bar after that ;-)

Weditors: Have you started planning yet?

Steve: We have an idea of where, and we would like accommodation for guests, champagne, vodka, cigars, caterer, rings, Hello Kitty cake (In joke, as we love Japan and travelled it together extensively). I work in Fine dining and wine, and we have a large wine collection, so for us, the weekend spectacular will be food and wine focused. 

Walking the streets of Kyoto, Japan.

Weditors: How do you envision your wedding day? 
Steve: It will be on a farm with accommodation, I will have a marquee with the service being in a nice spot close by. In the marquee we will have a seated area for 3-4 course dinner with matching wines, a DJ, champagne bar, vodka cocktail bar, cigar bar, sweets bar (each will be set up around the edge of the marquee, lounge area for people with sore feet) 

Since we plan on it being at a farm there will be no noise restrictions and no one telling us to turn the music off at 10pm! I expect everyone to dance the night away and the next morning a big bbq breakfast spectacular with Champagne is a must!

I would love a drag queen, swans, peacocks EVERY thing. (I would do this just to see Gary's face!) But ceremony will in no way be "NORMAL"

Weditors: When selecting wedding professionals (i.e celebrant, photographer) what are some factors you consider to be important? 

Gary: To be honest l haven’t thought about it that much as we’ve agreed to wait until it is legalised, however we would most definitely want to support businesses and services that support us. 

Steve: I want them to be open minded. I want them to do what l would like not so much what they have done in the past. I would also be choosing those within the community, or a supporter with a history of advocating for the LGTBI community. 

Mardi Gras 2014 and a great photo bomb by the grandma in the background! 
Weditors: Once marriage equality is achieved, do you plan on celebrating your nuptials as soon as possible or do you intend on waiting a little while?

Gary: Immediate ceremony at a marriage registry once we are able to. Then taking the time to plan our fabulous wedding with all the people we want to share it with.

Steve: We intend on finding a weekend before everyone else gets in and books everything out! Could you imagine every gay couple trying to book a date once it’s passed… it will be crazy!
Hhhmmm, maybe we should think about a rough date now or at least the time of year we would prefer.

Chalking it up, a DIY rainbow in the back laneway in Randwick.

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