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February: Dahlia

By Equally Wed - Posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

As summer draws to a close (but not before a slugging us with one more wave of humidity) one summer crop is still going strong. Welcome, dahlia.

Dahlias are a fast growing, high yield crop. They come in a multitude of colours and varieties and are distantly related to daisies and sunflowers. From the tiniest “pom pom” varieties to dahlias the size of your head, there are many, many different dahlias, each with its own unique personality. While dahlias have always been a popular flower, their popularity has exploded anew in recent years, because of the variety on offer. Quality is also better than ever!

Of particular note is a variety called Café au Lait, which has caused quite a stir. Ranging from soft blush to a striped candy pink, this variety appeared towards the beginning of the ongoing “Blush and Burgundy” wedding trend, and has continued its victory lap with no signs of tiring. For anybody planning a romantic, intimate wedding with a touch of old-world charm, we’d suggest looking into this colour scheme. It plays on high contrast, combining soft neutrals with heavily saturated focal points.

Dahlias are a stunning focal flower that will add texture and interest to your wedding flowers. They are all rounders that can be used in virtually any part of your wedding. Bear in mind, though, that they’re fairly delicate and don’t have a super long vase life. For this reason, your florist should take into consideration where they will be used. If your ceremony is outside in full sun, they could collapse, and it is best to use them elsewhere. Dahlias also look incredible in a wedding bouquet but should be kept in water for as long as possible before use.

With a long season stretching from the start of summer to almost the end of autumn, dahlias are a fantastic addition to your wedding flowers.

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