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Fine Dining Tips from The Waterman's Room

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, October 29, 2018

We asked the Executive Chef and Head Sommelier from 12-Micron Sydney about the best edible companions.  When it comes to putting together a menu, the first thing to look for are hero products. For example, if duck is the main savoury course, the dishes before this need to balance well and resist over-powering that final savoury course.

12-Micron says, “Start with a raw or very light seafood dish, break it up in the next course by a light vegetable dish, usually followed by a pork or poultry, followed by a hot fish course and then finish with a meat dish. Texture in each dish plays a big part, like the vegetable dish, usually full of crunch and fresh textures.” This practice is followed in wine matchings also and the wine experience should follow suite. 

Sydney Rock Oysters, Finger Lime, Chive
Great native ingredient, Sydney rock oysters indigenous to Australia as well as the finger lime, which is known as the caviar of citrus. Their aromatic, smooth but pebbled skin appears in a triad of colours, ranging from green to brown to red and almost black. The interior of Finger limes contains caviar-shaped vesicles that burst with a lemon-lime flavour. The colour of the tiny fruit vesicles intensifies during the last phase of fruit maturity. Native to northern NSW and southern Queensland.

2006 Gosset, Grand Millésime Brut, Blanc de Blanc, Aÿ, Champagne
The oldest of the wine houses in Champagne, Gosset has a distinct style and method of production. Is made from 100% of Chardonnay from Aÿ. There are some rules I still believe in such as “You can’t start a meal better than with Champagne”. The primary flavour of an oyster is the brininess and minerality, so you want a high-acid wine that is dry and minerally crisp, clean finish.

Paperbark baked Artichokes, Cauliflower Puree, Pickled Heirloom Carrots, Goats Curd
The Jerusalem and globe artichokes are baked inside the paperbark, the paperbark is collected by indigenous gatherers in northern Queensland. The bark gives an earthy yet light smoky flavour to the artichokes.

2016 Dom. Jonathan et Didier Pabiot, Florilège, Pouilly Fumé, France
This wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley. This grape performs well with most of our vegetable dishes. The Gooseberry, olive and lemon sensation from this wine are sublime in matching. The food and wine are compatible, in perfect equilibrium between the savouriness and the acidity.

Maremma Duck Leg, Parfait, Pumpkin, Ironbark Honey
Dry Aged Maremma Aylesbury Cross Pekin Whole Duck (Taralga, New South Wales) Pastured on Open Fields (minimum 5 days Dry Aged). The honey comes from bees feeding on native ironbark gum trees, which we incorporate with native Tasmanian pepperberry.

2018 Cabernet Franc, Bress, Harcourt, Victoria
This is one of my favourite dishes, and I wanted to marry these sublime ingredients with something singular. My idea is to pair with a great texture on the palate and soft in the nose. The salt smoothest the edge, the protein softens the bite, and the fat erases the bark. The Duck goes well with New World wines with an illusion of sweetness from large oak.

Peanut butter, Rosella, Toast Ice Cream
Is a young and fun dessert popping with intense flavour whilst using Rosella, one of the most fruitiest and colourful native ingredients too Australia. The dish comprises of peanut butter mousse dipped in caramelised white chocolate, Rosella jelly sphere’s and splashes of Rosella jam, a scattering of white chocolate crumble and finished with toast ice cream.

2015 Viognier Yalumba, FSW8b Botrytis, Wrattonbully, SA
It is a killer of sweet Viognier in Wrattonbully, the sweetness starts to lesson. It develops this rich, complex flavour of tangerine, peach and fresh apricot exploding in fruit. The acidity in this wine helps to lift the flavour of the ingredients so you taste each thing individually. Mire layer of flavours coming out when you have a lot of acidity.

Pineapple, Smoked Maple, Coconut Clouds, Aniseed Myrtle
Pineapple has been compressed with smoked maple syrup, topped with coconut sago and dipped in a thin cocoa shell. On the charcoal dusted white plate are rocks of frozen coconut clouds infused with aniseed myrtle, dotted with pineapple gel and bronze fennel with shards of black and white sugar slotted in-between. It’s also vegan so it’s definitely good for you.

2017 Riesling, Mount Horrocks, Cordon Cut, Clare Valley, SA
This is a very flexible wine, in terms of have an amazing ability to react to food. All the parts are in equilibrium, sweetness and acidity from the food and from the wine. The intensity of the heat from the sun concentrates the flavour toward the bottom of the grape because of gravity, so every bite is different. It is like fireworks with  every bite and sip. This wine is all about the sense of place. It is sweet but if you are not going any ware, this will be it. Enjoy.

12 Micron’s name is inspired by the venue’s ethos to celebrate Australian produce, taking the best ingredients and refining them into an evolving menu of dishes. Its namesake is the highly coveted and unique fine 12-Micron wool fibre, which, much like an ingredient in the kitchen, is refined into a remarkable piece of clothing.

Waterman's Room - 12 Micron
Barangaroo, Sydney, NSW

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