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What is a Full-Service Wedding Planner’s Role?

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A full-service wedding planner’s role is to be your professional guide and mentor through every aspect of the planning process. Usually you would engage a full-service planner immediately after you announce your engagement. They will oversee the logistics of your wedding planning such as; assisting with the selection of vendors that have a ‘mutual fit’ with your budget and style, contractual agreements, protocol and etiquette advice, the critical practical ‘day of’ event timeline as well as guest relations.

Your wedding planner is a key player who partners with you to develop and deliver your unforgettable day – your way – without fuss. On your big day they are responsible for managing the vendor and supplier timelines, organising payments that will need to be made as well as resolving any problems should they arise – and no doubt they will! By the time your wedding day arrives, your wedding planner will thoroughly know you, your partner, your wedding party, and ultimately your wedding day vision. A full-service wedding planner should provide you with a service that feels like it is undeniably the most valuable investment you have made.

Some full-service planners include styling and design services in their full-service package where as others will just offer styling or design services without the planning and coordination package.

For example, they will help make your wedding look a specific way, but they won’t be at the ceremony to make sure your wedding party adheres to the timing that you have rehearsed. At the reception they won’t be there to ensure the pre-reception drinks and canapés are served with the appropriate flow and pace with the agreed music. They also won’t be there to ensure the catering staff are aware of the timeline for all aspects of the reception including your arrival, the speeches, the first dance or cake cutting and ultimately your departure from what should be the most treasured day of your life to date.

This should be your wedding planner’s role from the start of the day to the finish. Again, it is important to check with your wedding planner to confirm exactly what is in your package.

Kerrie Wood 
Luxe Unforgettable Events 
Sydney, Australia

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