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Fun Wedding Games for Kids and Adults

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, October 22, 2018

Looking to incorporate a little more fun into your wedding day? Games can be a great way to keep guests entertained between the ceremony and reception—especially if you plan on taking time for photos in between. As much as this special day is “all about you” a little fun and games can go a long way in keeping the energy up throughout. Plus, you and your partner can play them too! 

Fun Wedding Games for the Adults:
  • Bingay - If you are hiring a Drag Queen to be apart of the wedding, you could organise a game or two of Bingay during the reception. How fun would that be?!
  • Queertrivia - Place cards on the reception tables and organise one person per table to be the host.
  • Queer Jeopardy - Remember that game show from the 90's? Well, there's an online website where you can create your own so if you are up for a bit of planning you can set and forget and test your friends knowledge on past events. Example questions could be Where did Partner 1 & Partner 2 meet?
  • Top 2 Bottom - It's the Gay Party Game similar to Cards Against Humanity.
  • Guess That Song - Put on our Gay Wedding Playlist and get everyone to call out what song it is, first to get it right gets an Champagne Pop to suck on and the last... well l am sure you can figure out the booby prize!

  • Photo Booth — A tried and true classic. Jazz up the photo booth with props (including rainbow mustaches or glitter bombs) and see what kind of poses your guests come up with. Our favourite photo booths print instant copies for guests and save all photos of the night onto a USB for the couple to keep.  
  • Giant Jenga (Rainbow Coloured) — Another game you might be able to make yourself—simply cut timber into rectangular blocks and stack three by three. Watch out when the tower falls though, these blocks are much heavier than the original version!
  • Giant Lawn Checkers — Feel free to DIY this one with a large piece of fabric or burlap painted with a grid pattern for your playing board, and any circular object (maybe Frisbees, or small paper plates) as your pawns. 
  • Horseshoes — An easy setup, just make sure your venue is okay with any lawn damage this may cause or has a horseshoe area.  
  • Bean Bag Toss — You can buy this game or build your own. Personalize your boards with the wedding theme, the initials of the newlyweds, or monogram.

Fun Wedding Games for Kids
  • Wedding “I Spy” – Find printable cards on Etsy like these here (or make your own) Some clues could be: I Spy the happy couple kissing. I Spy 3 purple dresses. I Spy someone the same age as me.  
  • DIY Tattoo parlour — Custom temporary tattoos or ones that coordinate with your wedding theme are a chance for everyone to feel like part of the “I Do Crew” Consider setting up a small tattoo station with spray bottles and cloths to keep kids from hogging up the bathroom space. 
  • Mad Libs — Kids say whatever comes to mind… Why not have them write it down in a funny story? Find a wedding-themed printable or make your own for guests to fill in the blanks. Make sure to have a card box for the completed Mad Libs to read all of the funny answers later. 
  • Printable colouring pages — For creative kiddos, set their place with wedding-themed colouring pages and a box of crayons (bonus points if you can get a graphic designer to create a line drawing of the happy couple) Or, keep all the kids at one table to themselves and swap the tablecloth for butcher’s paper- they can draw on the whole thing. 

Fun Wedding Games for the Drinkers
  • Poker Run — Works like this: Let players take a card every time they visit the bar (not for every drink they take) and at the end of the night, the best hand of 5 cards wins.


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