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Handy Wedding Apps for your Wedding

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2018

The market place is flooded with apps that could assist you in the planning process. We have chosen a handful to showcase below that may assist you in your planning timeline.

Evernote (Free or $13/Month Premium)

Is made to organise different kinds of media and present it in one streamlined package. 
You could use the app to manage guest lists, tracking invites, RSVPS, address lists and vows alongside planning your honeymoon, tracking budgets and prices, storing editing and sharing photos and itineraries.
It’s great for collaborating due to the fact it syncs with cloud-based storage Dropbox or Google Drive.

Wedding Happy 

Wedding Happy includes a countdown timer to the day of your ceremony, lets you know what tasks need to be done when, and sends notifications when tasks are due or vendor payments need to be made. It allows you to manage your vendors, share your progress on social media and even assign tasks to the wedding party or friends. You don’t need a network connection to access the app, so even if you find yourself without wi-fi, you can still use it in airplane mode.

Veri ($100 for 1 event)

Now that just about everyone has a phone or two, you can now instantly access all those images your friends take at any event. There’s no uploading, no tagging, no separate camera apps.
Simply create an event, invite guests via phone number or email, and Veri does the rest. As soon as the event starts, Veri automatically shares the photos and videos your guests take with their iphone camera - as they take them.

 Answers (Free)

If you find a flower that you would love at your wedding, but are unsure what it’s called? Garden Answers is your friend, it will identify it for you. Just snap a picture, tap submit and instantly you will get the accurate identity of the plant and detailed information about it. You can save it to your favourites and show your florist when it comes time to show them what you want.


Ditch the post-it notes and head online to AllSeated to build a 3D floor plan using standard goggles. Simply import your contacts and organise them into groups. You can arrange the tables, the dance floor, tableware, glassware, centre pieces and the linen. 


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