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Everything you need to know about hiring a Wedding Band

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, November 12, 2018

Why should l book a wedding band? 

The energy of a live band cannot be matched and live music elevates any event. If you've been to a wedding or any event with a band performing, you know it's ten times more fun. There's just something about a band that adds personality, energy, and an undeniable elegance, sophistication and charm that can take your event from great to spectacular. Not to mention, live ceremony music is so romantic and can set the tone for your entire day. Plus, anyone can press a button on a iPod but not everyone can play that epic piano riff in Rocket Man. 

Do bands generally play only at the reception? 

A good band with a broad musical repertoire should be able to play for all parts of your day - and booking an all-inclusive band definitely helps on the budget. Want classical music for your ceremony, a jazz set for your cocktails, and dance party reception? You’ve got it. 

As far as the reception goes, a band will typically quote for a 5-hour event. This includes 4 x 45-minute sets, with intermittent breaks, to be spread throughout the night as you feel best. With speeches, dinner and other formalities, you’ll find this is usually the perfect amount of time to have the band playing. However, every event is different and your band should be flexible to your needs. The 5-hour timeline breakdown is our standard recommendation, but anything can be customised to your plan and we often play ceremony and cocktail music as well.

Can a band DJ during their breaks? 

Absolutely! It's a good idea to put together a list of all the songs you want to hear. We want to make sure the room is still buzzing when the band isn’t playing. If you like, you can bring your own iPod for these breaks with a specific playlist, or, if you prefer, just leave it up to us. Either way, we’ll manage the playlist on the night so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. We always bring an iPod with a selection of appropriate background music and, during dinner, the room is typically too noisy for the band to be playing, anyway - we want your guests to be able to enjoy their conversation and it’s much easier to control the noise level on an iPod.

How much should I budget for a band? 

Couples often think that booking a band is out of their budget and that a DJ is the savvy way to go. While this may have been true a long time ago, there are some amazing bands that are priced on par with DJ's - and booking a band will be so worth it for the best night of your life! The Baker Boys band size is customisable, so you can find the perfect band size and configuration for your event and budget. We typically recommend anything from a 3-piece ($1,990) or 5-piece ($2,890), up to a 9 ($4,790) or 13-piece ($6,690).

What does a 3 piece band generally include vs a 5 piece or 8 piece? 

A 3-piece band will usually include a guitar, drums, and bass or keys, with one of the musicians doubling as a lead singer. A 5-piece band would include, guitar, bass, drums, and keys, and possibly two vocalists or other instrument of your choice. Anything above 5-piece would add to your horn section, with an 8 or 9-piece band including a 3-piece horn section and multiple vocalists, creating a more dynamic atmosphere to elevate your event. A 13-piece Bakers Dozen Band is the ultimate big band statement - with a 5-piece horn section and other instruments adding to the sound and atmosphere, your guests will be impressed.

How far out should l book a band? 

We would recommend booking 6-8 months before your event to guarantee your date.... but we've also booked events 2 or 3 months out. 

What style of music does a wedding band usually play? 

From Top 40, to oldies, to classical and jazz. A good band should be great at reading the room. Every guest list is different and having a live band that can easily transition from Frank Sinatra, to Beyonce, to AC/DC will help keep all of your guests, from your 6-year old niece to your grandfather, on the dance floor. 

Can I see the band perform before I book them? 

You're able to taste-test your food, tour your venue, and try on your dress... and your entertainment choice is essential to an unforgettable evening, so why not see them perform live? Baker Boys Band host regular, free showcases. Plus, these showcases make for a fun date night or night out with friends while wedding planning!

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