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How Do I Pick the Right Engagement Ring?

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If you are trying to find the right engagement or wedding ring, Maria from Lizunova Fine Jewels is here to help!

There are numerous jewellers offering many different ring styles, which can seem overwhelming. A good starting point would be determining what style you favour when it comes to jewellery - antique, classic traditional, classic contemporary, or alternative contemporary.

There is still quite a lot of variety within each of these categories, but determining your general preference will help narrow it down. Personal style is also a great guide – for example, someone who loves bohemian clothes would probably love more elaborate, romantic and feminine ring designs, and for someone with a more minimal, contemporary aesthetic, clean, sculptural ring designs would be a good fit.

Shape and size of hand are important factors too – small stones and very fine bands tend to look lost on large hands and wide rings and gems over five carats might swamp a tiny hand, so it’s all about considering the ring in context of the hand that will wear it.
Orchid and Embrace Rings
What about Gemstones and Metal?

There are so many coloured gemstone ring alternatives now – what colour is right for you? If you look at your overall colour preference in your existing wardrobe, it would be a good indication of complimentary coloured gemstones to choose from. After all, you don’t want a ring that clashes with everything you own!

The same goes for metals, if most of your jewellery is in white gold for example, it might be a good idea to get a white metal ring, such as white gold, palladium or platinum. But if most of your jewellery is in warm colour metals, then rose or yellow gold would be a great choice. 

Not all metal colours go with all skin tones – generally, white or yellow gold looks good on pink skin, white skinned people tend to favour white gold and people with olive or tanned complexion can wear all metal colours.

How do I know which jeweller to pick?

Buying or commissioning a ring that symbolises your love and commitment is a big decision. For many people, it’s the biggest sum they will spend on a single piece of jewellery in their lifetime. Ultimately you want to trust the jeweller who is making your ring. It’s a good idea to not only see but also touch and hold the rings they have previously made – rings can look amazing in carefully photographed and retouched images, only to disappoint in real life. You might also want to look closely at the quality of the rings, the neatness and symmetry of settings and quality of metal and craftsmanship.

Lumiere and Atlantic Rings & Manhatten Earrings

Lizunova Fine Jewels suggests you look ensure there's enough metal used in the ring shank and gem setting to last 30 or more years. Thin bands might be on trend right now but will not wear well over time – metal thins out with wear, especially at the bottom of the ring shank. Are the stone settings appropriate for the gems that have been set into them? Softer stones need to be set in protective settings, otherwise if worn daily, they will chip and scratch after a few years. Where is the jewellery made and by whom? Is it made in a sweatshop or ethically crafted by a local jeweller who is paid well for his or her work? Are the diamonds certified and conflict free?

It’s always a good idea to look at 3-4 jewellers, ask questions, and hold and closely look at a variety of rings to start getting a better understanding of what quality looks and feels like. I would highly recommend finding a great jewellery designer, whose style and work you love to ensure you receive the ring you have always wanted.

If I go with a bespoke ring, how do I ensure I like the end result?

The advantages of having a bespoke ring designed and made especially for you is that, if you pick the right designer, you will have a beautiful ring that’s unique to you and expresses your personality and your love story. To ensure you’re getting exactly what you envisage, you need to be given very clear and precise, to-scale design sketches that show the ring from three angles – top view, and two side views. Modern technology also allows to create 3d colour drawings of your ring and you can order a real size wax model you can try on – so there are no surprises when you receive your finished ring.

Tamara Diamond Ring

Are diamond wholesalers and jewellers without a retail shop cheaper?

Jewellery is such a personal purchase. I believe it’s about connecting with the piece or falling in love with the stone. And if it’s a ring you’re going to wear for a lifetime, you want to absolutely love it – how it looks and feels on you, in real life. You also need to see what the ring and the stones look like in normal light, not perfect studio lighting on images found online. Diamonds are a particularly risky online purchase, as two diamonds that sound the same on paper may look very different when you hold them in your hand.

Diamond wholesalers and jewellers without a retail shop pitch themselves as being significantly cheaper – in reality this is not always the case. We’re not comparing big international brands with small local manufacturing jewellers of course, but generally, if they rent large premises in a busy area and employ staff, chances are, their prices are on par with smaller, leaner, independent jewellery shops, and in some cases higher.

  Florence Grey Spinel Diamond Ring

There are so many wonderful, independent jewellers and jewellery designers out there, I believe there’s a right one out there for everyone. Someone you can trust with creating your most important piece of jewellery – I believe connection is a vital ingredient in a successful relationship between a couple and a jewellery designer. I always feel very responsible for the outcome and deeply honoured to be a part of a couple’s story via the rings we design and make for them.

Maria Lizunova
Lizunova Fine Jewels
Sydney, Australia

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