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How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Gift?

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2018

With engagements rapidly on the rise it’s time to talk gifts and expectations of gifts. It’s highly likely that many couples tying the knot have been together for a while, probably live together and perhaps already have everything they need, so what’s the protocol for gifts when it comes to the engagement?


Is a Gift Necessary?

Traditionally gifts are given at the wedding, but let’s face it, times are changing and its becoming more common that gifts are given at the engagement. The couple shouldn’t assume everyone will bring a present and if you are not sure about their expectations, talk to other guests to see what the general feel is or potentially split the cost of a shared gift between friends. Considering we have waited so long for Marriage Equality, l say, why the hell not give a gift and share in the happiness and smiles that it brings to your friend’s faces.


How Much Should l Spend?

When considering an amount for an engagement gift remember this is one of two wedding-related gifts, so consider how much you would be spending overall. The engagement gift is something that should be far less than the actual wedding gift, so it might be worth considering how much you would spend on the wedding gift and spend a quarter on the engagement gift.

Gift vs Money?

If they are a long-term couple it would be worth considering a monetary gift or a bottle of the most fabulous champagne or sparkling you can find. In the past, it has been traditional to gift toasting flutes but after last weekend’s Mardi Gras toast-a-thon that went on for several hours, my cupboards are overflowing with flutes, so flutes may not be the most suitable gift! However, the glitter suction pack for their Dyson may be the way to go.

What Feels Right to You?

When thinking about what amount you are happy to spend you need to consider how close you are to the couple. If you are an acquaintance you probably don’t need to get a gift or consider a small token gift, but if you are very close, then it would be worth splashing out a little and possibly avoiding an uncomfortable situation upon arrival.

Wedding Registries

Within a wedding invitation you may find a wishing well card which is not a common practice. However, if you receive one just think of this as an easier way for guests to contribute (if they choose to) and the couple can purchase something they really want.

Engagement Gift Ideas:

 + Garden flamingos ($49.95)

These iconic pink plastic flamingos have flocked into Australia and are fast becoming the coolest addition to backyards, pot plants, pool sides and the workplace. 
The best of friends, these love-able birds come as a perfect pair.

+ A framed print ($49.95)

Love in the park featuring a hand drawn freestyle love script nestled amongst 
Sydney's Centennial Park. Available in two sizes. Limited edition of 100 only, hand signed and numbered.

+ Anything travel related will probably go down well. ($55)

This simple & stylish travel wallet is perfect for keeping your most important travel documents together and it's the perfect travel gift to give to a friend or relative who is about to embark on a new journey.

+ Love Organic ($69)

Organic, sustainable — we'll have whatever these boys are farming! Whether pushing their bags of love around or getting dirty ploughing their fields, we'll strap on a toolbelt and muck in with them!

+ Stemless Wine Glasses ($150)
These classically designed revolving kinetic wine glasses are functional glassware in two respects, while you use the glass to drink wine, it is also acts as a decanter aerating the wine as it revolves around its axis.

+ A planning consultation certificate

Whether it be for a wedding planning – ‘let’s get started’ consultation to assist your happy couple on their wedding planning journey – in the right way with professional advice, a full wedding planning service or an ‘on the day coordination’ option this unique and exclusive gift certificate alternative to the traditional options will be a treasured and memorable one.


+ Bunnings certificate

Still not sure? ... then a Bunnings gift certificate will probably be a good bet for any lesbian couple ;-)


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