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How Much Should I Spend on The Wedding Gift?

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Friday, December 14, 2018

With peak wedding season around the corner and invitations arriving it’s lovely to be invited to a wedding but it can also be a taxing time on the hip pocket. 

More often than not same-sex couples will be living together for some time prior to their wedding day and therefore, they probably already have the home and kitchen appliances that are so often purchased as wedding gifts. 

With that in mind, we are look at the various types of wedding registries that couples may chose for different scenarios and a guide to how much you would spend with each. 

A wishing well typically goes towards a honeymoon, a new house (or apartment these days) or may just off-set their big day. Depending on how close you are to the couple you should be looking to contribute between $100 - $300. 

It’s worth noting that weddings in capital cities typically cost couples between $120 - $170 per head, while regional areas it’s normally around $70 - $90 a head. 

If the couple getting married attended your own wedding, you can always be guided by the amount that they spent on you. Whilst it is hard to estimate what a wedding would cost if you take the above guide to pricing and perhaps round it up you are surely covered. Personally, we think that it’s worth placing at least $100 in the well for the entire night if not more, depending on your relationship and where the day is held. You are better off throwing more in the well than left red-faced when a potential discussion evolves around the table about how much you put into the well. 

If the couple are very much out and proud we certainly suggest flights & accommodation to the next Mardi Gras, Midsumma or World Pride events? You know they will have so much fun and it’s a mini honeymoon for them in a way. 

There are now many online gift registries that have an array of gifts you can buy outright or contribute towards a more expensive goal. This does allow the couple diversity on what they need and want for their next stage in life. If the couple does provide a link to a registry we would strongly advise you do select from there as they have taken the time to work out what they really need. 

Being connected to the community we know that many of you like a good drop, so we are throwing this one into our potential list. This can be achieved two ways, the couple could post a list out of what wines/champagnes they would like to stock their cellar with or you could sign them up to a monthly subscription of wines that deliver to their door. We have also seen couples utilise a wishing well for an artwork fund, which they then use to select some art for their home. This becomes a constant reminder of their wedding day gift from their friends.



We came across this recently on our blog where Thai & Serafin requested no gifts but instead asked their guests to contribute to their wishing well which was donated to the Brain Foundation in memory of Serafin’s late father. 

When travelling to a destination wedding travel costs and accommodation do play a part in the amount given to the gift registry and it may come down to your attendance is the gift if flying to a rather expensive place. If you want to contribute a smaller amount it might be an idea to discuss with other guests about all chipping in for a larger gift as a group.

If you have no need for material possessions but are after some experiences that you will remember forever then somewhere like Red Balloon may pop-up on your radar with various ideas from hot air ballooning over the Barossa Valley to seaplane joy flights. A membership could really appeal to some couples, if they love art they may appreciate a membership at their local art gallery or a trip to MONA. 

  • Gift a relaxing weekend away complete with massages 
  • Buy them a voucher to a restaurant for a special meal 
  • Buy them a Bunnings gift voucher if they are re-modelling their home 
  • A voucher at a department store so they can pick out what they want 

As a general guide if you are building a gift registry we recommend you build it around the $80 mark for everyone, so if you have 50 people then a gift registry of $4000 would be appropriate. Then two months prior to your wedding go back and revisit it and add some more items if needed.



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