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How to Chose a Celebrant? Vital Questions to Ask.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2020

If you are unsure what to ask or even what could be included as part of a celebrant's services, Julia has all the vital information to questions that you need answered!

Things to Ask Your Celebrant. When should l book a celebrant?

Great question! Like all good suppliers, you should book your Celebrant several months before the big day as there is a bit of planning involved and if you're hoping for a popular Celebrant, chances are they are already filling up their diaries with weddings up to 18 months in advance. So as soon as you've picked a wedding date, then go ahead and pick your Celebrant!

How do l chose a celebrant?

Go with what feels good! :) If you've seen a Celebrant perform at a friend's wedding before or you have seen them online, or on their website or youtube etc. and you like what you see, then give them a call. There are so many different kinds of Celebrants out there... Some come across quite formal, others more relaxed and casual. Choose a Celebrant that sends the right vibe that you would like for your ceremony. 

What should l consider when booking a celebrant?

You should consider things like how involved you would like your Celebrant to be. Do you like the idea of collaborating together to create a really unique ceremony? Or perhaps you are happy to choose just a couple sections of the ceremony and allow the Celebrant to take the lead on the layout of the service. It's up to you, so ask some questions and find out how the Celebrant likes to roll. If their style and level of involvement sounds good, then you've found yourself a winner!

Other considerations would be what they offer in terms of providing a PA system, a wedding rehearsal, how many meetings or catch ups are involved and how far the Celebrant is willing to travel to plan this wedding with you. You might need to meet them at their office, or at a café somewhere, or they might even be happy to come to you! A lot of Celebrants will provide all of this information on their websites, along with their fees and other inclusions.

How much should l pay and what should it include?

Celebrants are the most important supplier on your wedding day as without them, you can't get married! So you should factor in their fees as an important part of your wedding budget. A registry/elopement style wedding can be priced anywhere from $400 to $600 which is a similar amount to what you'll pay to get married at the registry office. 

For a more personalised ceremony with more you should expect to pay anything from $700 to $1200. This will cover all the Celebrants business costs, the legal paperwork, time spent writing your ceremony and meeting with you to plan the ceremony, use of the Celebrant's PA system, a wedding rehearsal and then, of course this includes the time needed to deliver the ceremony on your wedding day! Travel is usually included unless your wedding is in a rural location.

What certification or qualifications do l need to look for?

Marriage Celebrants undergo a lot of training to qualify as a Celebrant and they also perform yearly professional development to keep their registration as an appointed Celebrant. If you want to make sure your Celebrant has all the necessary qualifications (a certificate 1V in Celebrancy) you can search for them on the Australian Government's Attorney General's website here.

What paperwork is required?

The Notice of Intended Marriage form is required and this needs to be lodged at least one month before your wedding with your chosen Celebrant. This form can be downloaded via this link. If you would like to find out more about the NOIM see our other blog article here.

Once this is completed and lodged with your Celebrant, they can then start to prepare your marriage certificates and your job is done! Oh and you also need to provide ID and proof of your birth place, so a passport or an original birth certificate will suffice.

What are the peak times for weddings? When is the best time for specials?

This is a tricky question as each state has different peak wedding seasons however in Melbourne where Julia's Celebrancy Agency is based, peak times are around October/November and also February through to the end of April. You can usually save yourself a bit of money by getting married during Winter or by choosing a cheeky midweek wedding. Some Celebrants offer specials at Wedding Expos so check them out if you want to grab yourself a good deal and are in need of a little inspiration.

Julia's Hot Tip!

My hot tip for when it comes to choosing a Celebrant is to go online and watch plenty wedding videos and Celebrant interviews. You'll really be able to get a good feel for how the Celebrant conducts themselves and what their personality is like. This will save you heaps of time in narrowing down your search. If you like what you see, go with your gut and choose someone who makes you smile and has a few good reviews!

For celebrants in your local area you can search through our directory right here CELEBRANTS

Julia Handford

Julia's Celebrancy Agency
Melbourne, Australia

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