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Wedding Flowers - January is for Waterlily

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Saturday, January 04, 2020

Oh, hi there January! The first month of the year is a hot one, and while many of us might feel like we’re in a swamp, this is actually where waterlilies grow. Take heart, friends. It’s possible to emerge from muddy water looking cute. Well, as long as you’re part of the Nymphaeaceae family at least.

A Chinaclay favourite, the waterlily is a flower of astonishing beauty and considerable variety. Available in white, various pinks and purples, and even blue and banana yellow, waterlilies often have an unearthly fragrance in addition to their beauty. Size and shape can vary greatly. Some waterlilies have large heads with elongated, pointy-edged petals. Conversely, there are certain white and pink varieties that have smaller, rounded petals and are more cup-like in shape. 


With a longer season than you might imagine, waterlilies are available from about October. But the best time for them is high summer, when there is maximum sunlight. Fun fact about waterlilies: they open every morning and close again in the late afternoon. This natural process might need consideration when it comes to planning your wedding flowers, as some varieties open and close more readily than others. If your wedding venue is quite dark, you may not get the best out of your waterlilies. They’re great, however, for an outdoor summer wedding, or a morning ceremony.

If you imagine a lush, tropical paradise for your wedding, waterlilies are a great option for you. Paired with exotic orchids and tropical foliage, they are a high impact flower and an immediate focal point, either in a bouquet of a centrepiece. Waterlilies can also be paired with more traditional garden flowers, such as hydrangeas or roses, to provide a modern and graphic twist.

If you love the idea of shaking things up, waterlilies are for you.

Celia Crawford
China Clay Floristry

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