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July: Anemone

By Equally Wed - Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cheerful, springy flower that could distract us from the doldrums of mid winter? Turns out, there is!

July brings us the first of the season’s anemones and what a treat it is to have them. Anemones are a fine, delicate flower that opens from a cup-like bud into a translucent, poppy-like head. Its often a surprise to see the large flowers unfurl from such an unassuming bud. Anemones have a lot in common with ranunculi and are in fact part of the “Ranunculaceae” family. They also have a fairly long season and will continue all the way through to late spring.

Each anemone head sports a collar of grassy foliage, which will sometimes take on the characteristics of a petal. This means that the leaves often have a bold stripe of colour shooting through them in addition to the colour of the anemone’s actual petals. This varied and naturalistic quirk, as well as its wide range of colours, has made the anemone a favourite among wedding florists.

The colour range of the anemone is impressive, with pink, purple, blue, white and multicoloured varieties in great abundance.

Anemones are best used in a rambling garden arrangement. You could pair them with jasmine, curly sweet peas and rambling ranunculus for a generous bouquet that cascades toward the ground. Their stems are often unexpectedly twisty, which adds to this undone, gathered design.

If an you want to keep your wedding flowers relaxed and informal, we’d encourage you to consider anemones. Their generous size when fully open makes them the perfect focal flower to anchor a textured garden arrangement. The dark centres are also an immediate draw to the eye.

Anemones are a great choice for a soft garden wedding, adding whimsy to an arrangement, without ever being twee.

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