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June: Tulip

By Equally Wed - Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Truth be told, tulips could be a feature of any month from March to October. But they’re really at their best mid season, and that is smack bang in the middle of the year. As a general rule, seasonal flowers take a few weeks to really get going, and the tulip season seems to start earlier every year. For instance, you might see them in flower shops as early as February. At Chinaclay, we tend to hold off until the season is slightly further along, when the price and weather conditions have stabilised. This helps us to get the best out of our tulips.

Available in a dizzying array of colours and varieties, tulips have come a long way over the years. From the single petal varieties through to the frilly edged “parrot” tulips, there are literally hundreds of different options to tickle your fancy. After 15 years in the business, we at Chinaclay are still delighted by the increased variety every season.

Tulips also have the benefit of versatility, which is great news if you’re looking to incorporate them into your wedding day. With so many different ways to use tulips, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to style your wedding your way. If your preference is for simple, clean lines, an elongated spray of white tulips held in the crook of your arm could be the answer. On the other hand, maybe you prefer a celebratory and brightly coloured concoction of season flowers spilling over the guest tables. Good news; tulips belong here as well.

Floristry trends currently lean toward a naturalistic, relaxed shape. Tulips are a perfect addition to this style, as they provide whimsy and romance, due to their long arching stems and tendency to fall where they wish, rather than where you expect.

While we may be long past the days of the 17th century Tulip Wars, Tulip Fever is alive and well in the hearts of the flower-loving community.

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