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LGBTI Wedding Education Masterclasses Delivered by Us.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Sunday, August 12, 2018

If you're a wedding professional who wants to deliver fabulous weddings for the LGBTI community or you are a little unsure about terminology, LGBTI history or what you need to know for same-sex weddings, we've designed a series of Master Classes that answers all your questions. With glowing testimonials from every single person we have trained, it's an interactive, educational series that will seriously challenge your wedding processes.

The Masterclasses are thought-provoking and challenging. We expect that, by attending, you’ll extend your current understandings of LGBTI people and their wedding needs.

You’ll gain an insight into LGBTI history, culture, statistics and appropriate language. Also included is a look at emerging models of weddings that question the relevance of traditional hetero-normative weddings to LGBTI couples. And you’ll get to engage in discussions about ways in which you, as a wedding professional, can demonstrate your support for marriage equality, far beyond putting a rainbow on your website.

Our Masterclasses are taught by a member of the LGBTI community, who also has a background in the wedding industry. It’s essential for us to have instructors who can answer your questions with a huge depth of knowledge and experience of LGBTI culture and history. Your instructor Bronte is a cis-gender, gay man who loves to delve deep into LGBTI culture and history. Don’t know what cis-gender means? Maybe you should attend!

Melbourne Masterclass June 2018

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