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By Equally Wed - Posted on Monday, October 14, 2019


After being together for almost 9 years, Ellie and Latoya were finally married on 11th August this year.

They fought the plebiscite at Parliament House in Canberra, rallied with their allies, stood together for the announcements of results—and then partied in the street! Whilst Ellie and Latoya were overjoyed with the result, it took a while to sink in. Latoya says, “It took until February 14, 2018 to realise we could actually marry, so we did!”

They planned their perfect wedding day in only 6 months, with all of the pieces of their perfect day falling into place. “Our venue, celebrant, photographer and videographer were all available on the date we wanted. It was everything we envisioned and more.” said Latoya.

They were married by the sea, at Latoya’s late father’s favourite place near Mollymook, NSW. The couple was happy to have their ceremony with their friends and family in a place where they have created so many memories. Ellie and Latoya made almost all of the decorations and signs themselves. Each held a unique bouquet of flowers too, with the rest of the wedding party holding combined bouquets. Latoya held a bunch of white lilies in memory of

her nanna, and Ellie held red roses in memory of her late mother.

The couple shared special moments with family and friends during the ceremony. They had a ring warming during our ceremony where our rings, tied to a piece of timber, were passed through our guests to be warmed and blessed. The couple’s six children played a big part in the wedding—and also provided most of the entertainment during the ceremony!

Ellie and Latoya created a “blending” painting where they and each of their children used a different colour to produce a blended piece of art.  The idea behind this was that each individual colour is beautiful but when placed together they create something magical. Once the colours had blended, they can never be separated. Ellie says, “As our family is finally legally one, we will forever be intertwined.”

While it was only a small wedding, it was evident the couple were surrounded by love and support.  Latoya says, “We had never actually kissed in front of our family and friends until our wedding day. Ellie and I cried a lot, but we laughed even more. It was a day that we had waited for since we fell in love.”

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