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March: Calla Lily

By Equally Wed - Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2020

March has arrived and to our relief the days are (finally) getting cooler. At this point there’s still an abundance of many late summer flower varieties. Garden roses, lisianthus and dahlias are all going strong, as are many more. But there’s another flower that, after appearing around Christmas time, really starts to come into its own: this month’s featured flower, the calla lily.

The calla lily is a shapely and elegant flower that gives structure and a sense of sophistication to a floral arrangement. You might have noticed the calla lily in any number of art forms, most notably as a recurring motif in the Art Deco movement. Callas were also a favourite of modernist painter Georgia O’Keefe, who painted them again and again in great detail.

Calla lilies are a slender, trumpet shaped flower that can be found in yellow, burnt orange, white, pink, burgundy or dark purple bordering on black. While the colours are often brilliant and jewel-like, with the calla lily, form is king. Make the most of their striking shape by arranging them at staggered heights, or sitting high above the other flowers in your arrangements. If you fancy a sleek, ultra modern vibe for your wedding, the clean lines of the calla will no doubt appeal to you.

Despite their imposing presence, calla lilies are a surprisingly versatile flower. They will fit into a more formal aesthetic, or a more naturalistic garden style wedding.  For instance, a cluster of calla lilies as a wedding bouquet could be the perfect complement to a detailed 1930s style wedding dress. A calla lily buttonhole is a great addition to wedding flowers with a more tropical and beachy aesthetic. Callas can even be used in a less structured, informal garden wedding. All of these styles, while very different to one another, can make use of the unique beauty of the calla lily.

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