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Wedding Flowers November is for Peonies

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Friday, October 30, 2020

PEE-ony or pe-OH-ny? It really doesn’t matter, but however you choose to pronounce it, chances are you’ve heard of the peony. The lifestyle influencer of the flower world, the peony has rich-girl hair and a perfectly organised pantry, and lives in a constant state of gentle aesthetic perfection.

All jokes aside, peonies have been a mainstay of the floral industry for many years and their popularity shows no signs of abating. A much loved crowd favourite, peonies come in a dazzling array of colours and varieties and flower growers seem to produce new ones every season. They are a truly astonishing flower, emerging from a tiny bud that you would have no idea housed such frilly flamboyance. From the single layered tree peonies, to the colour changing Coral Charm, there is a peony variety for every flower lover.

It should be noted that while the season for locally grown peonies is from late October to late December, Australia gets a flush of imported Dutch peonies every autumn through April and May. This can vary though, depending on certain factors. For instance, in the autumn of 2019, imported peonies were available right up until June, presumably due to the European heatwave. Be prepared for some fluctuation in cost, depending which peony season you make use of.

Another spring garden favourite, peonies look best when they’re fully open, and allowed to relax into their natural shape. A tightly packed arrangement will make them look more closed, so some difference in height and dimension is essential. The past decade or so has seen a return to natural and unforced shapes when it comes to flower arranging, which works perfectly with a flower such as the peony.

Peonies are super versatile and can be used all throughout your wedding. From your personal flowers to your ceremony arrangements and table centres you can count on them to provide a powerful hit of romance and glamour for your day.

Celia Crawford
China Clay Floristry

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