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Peak Vs Off Peak Wedding Considerations.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, July 09, 2018

During the planning process, which can take several months to a year, we recommend you use this time to attend showcases during various seasons. Wedding showcases offer you a chance to explore a venue in a more relaxed setting with the ability to talk to the staff openly.

Generally, they will have wedding professionals (i.e. celebrants & photographers) there as well to help with any questions regarding their services and the formalities of the ceremony. You can not only get some advice but also ask for some tips at the same time.


Peak season tends to be in Autumn and Spring, a time when the temperature is delightful, we experience long daylight hours and the colours of the landscape are at their finest. For these reasons, peak periods often attract a higher price with demand increasing around these times. The most popular months to tie the knot are March (autumn) and November (spring) with Saturday by far the most popular day to get married followed by Sunday.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports the least popular months for a wedding are June and July. These months are considered low season and therefore you may be to secure a special for that time of year. You could also consider booking your wedding mid-week which will be less expensive and let’s face it, who wouldn’t take a day off to celebrate with you?

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Tying the knot on a public holiday may be tempting however there are some considerations that really need some thought. It may be convenient for interstate guests, it’s also an expensive time to travel, flights and accommodation alone would be in the hundreds for your travellers.

It’s also highly likely that there will be a surcharge on almost everything which can impact the budget by 10% – 20% to cover holiday loadings. When you are talking about a $10,000 or $15,000 reception that can add up to an unbelievable champagne tower of the Billecart-Salmon variety.

Who doesn’t like to travel? Public holidays are a time when friends travel and often overseas holidays are booked in at these times of the year to maximise the amount of time away. Whilst it’s likely they would change their plans, they may not be keen to do so if they have been planning an adventure for some time.


A quite note on the season front, think about your wedding photography and what you envisage in the background. What flowers did you want at your wedding and will be in season? Offseason flowers can be acquired but at great expense. Will your style or theme really match the time of year? Does it typically rain a lot during your preferred month and will you need a marquee as a back up plan?


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