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Racines Restaurant

By Equally Wed - Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What is it about the country that steers and seduces couples away from the city? 

What enchants partners, to escape the endless opportunities offered by the city? 
Why is the magnetism of the country so unique for couples in 2018?

Same-sex partners are reviewing this question, and we get asked this a lot! Let’s face facts: big cities deliver a greater variety for services than the country can. The city is often more familiar, and to some degree more convenient. But there are some things that the city cannot replicate. 

Couples are looking for private and personalised weddings, free from cliché and distinctly different from the swarms of city weddings that inundate venues over the spring and summer seasons.

The city struggles to imitate, what the country offers naturally. The city can be noisy, over-crowded, and chaotic. While some couples love this, others are extending their horizons and setting their sights toward the unspoiled beauty and pleasant hospitality of central Australia.

Couples want an entrancing experience, and they want to share that experience with their loved ones. They are not searching for pompous and overbearing venues with all the bells and whistles, just somewhere special and secretive that they can enjoy the company of their closest companions.

Sometimes, stepping into the unknown creates that experience. Breaking tradition. Pivoting from convention. That is what more couples want in this generation.

Our latest research shows an increase in remote and rural weddings. Why?

The city can often be difficult to organise around. The country is unlocked and open, and for many reasons, the country can offer greater value for money. Venues in the country are fractions of the price to hire in the city.

This leaves room in the budget to design the wedding that you imagined; focus on exquisite meals and stunning embellishments. What city venues pay to create, the country presents organically; the invigorating scents, peaceful streams of water, leaves falling from trees as natures own confetti. Inexpensive extras that augment any regional venue’s ceremonial fixture, free of charge.

Another pleasant reason to consider the country wedding is in recognition of our nation’s farmers. The country wedding honours the people that humbly represent our beautiful homeland, and with the hardships that they have had to weather, all the more reason to join hands and proceed in a spirit of union.

New South Wales has been particularly affected by the dry season, but that has not stopped experienced venues such as Racine, Orange, from converting adversity to affluence. With the expertise and efficacy of this fine establishment, its no surprise they are gearing up for a big wedding season.

Racine is nestled between Lake Canobolas, a tranquil basin surrounded by gorgeous maple trees; and Mount Canobolas, a wonderous escarpment that towers over the Orange region. This scenery serves as a perfect backdrop for pre-marriage photo shoots.

Orange has a temperate oceanic climate, with warm summers and cool winters. With moderate rainfall this influences the soils, making it a prime destination for grape growing and wine-making. The textures and flavours of the regions produce have allowed Racine to tailor its menu in such a way.

And what makes Racine special?

Seamless service, local produce, customised catering complimented by the views of fruitful vineyards and sweeping plains. Oh yeah, and an astonishing Oak Tree that has become the centre-focus for many the lucky couples in the past.

Testimonials of this rare wonder acclaim it to be a polished restaurant, blending the sophistication of the settings, and the fervency of the corrugated iron rooves and untreated, exposed timber posts.

The shed is lit by grand, industrial chandeliers, balanced by the magic of the draping fairy lights that seal the room in wonder and mystique. This cosy atmosphere hints extravagance, yet it disguises it; scattering thoughtfully selected Victorian style antique lounges throughout this eclectic, relaxed venue. More to the point, and why we expect big things from Racine this coming Spring: It has been an advocate for marriage equality and has been recognised for frequently supporting our community.

 In all the commotion of the past years, it is refreshing to have venues and business owners that take an active step in catering for same-sex couples. Racine represent a new, respectful and caring ensemble of LBGTI friendly operators.

At Equally Wed, we love partnering with these businesses, because they genuinely deliver in the spirit of equality; they exemplify what it means to be equality minded, by extending gracious and refined service to all of our patrons.

So, for all of our couples and readers interested in doing something extraordinary for your special day, don’t think conventional. Be agricultural. Be authentic and bind yourselves in a place where you can be set free. The country, the vineyards, the bucolic backcloth, the unmistakable scents of farmland, the delicate service and the prodigious spreads provided in this vast space allow to connect and celebrate, your own way.

Dominic Giuliano
NSW, Australia

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