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Real Wedding Bekkie and Leanne

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Tuesday, January 08, 2019

On 24th August 2016 at Yosemite National Park with their feet in a cool spring, Leanne slid a box over to Bekki who almost instantly began crying. They had both talked about the prospect of marriage, but until that point it had never been more than a discussion. 

Almost instantly the planning began with Bekki researching different venue options, talking about colour schemes, styles – and most importantly, when the wedding would actually take place!

The original plan was for October 2017 around the time of the school holidays which for Leanne, a teacher, was very important.  After much researching, venue visiting and gathering of quotes they realised that an October wedding, was breaking their budget.  They asked their preferred venue about a March date and the price was much more agreeable. So, the date was set 25th March 2017

Photography // Yasmina Nadine Photography // Sydney, NSW

Colours for the wedding were set, Oxford Blue and Canary Yellow.  With this decision in mind, Leanne could shop for her dress and Bekki could find a suitable suit for her Man of Honour. The flowers were selected, and food decided upon. All that was left was the photographer, venue decoration and where were they going to Honeymoon.  After meeting a couple of photographers, Bekki and Leanne found Yasmina and instantly loved her. 

They thought her portfolio was great and open-minded. During the wedding planning process both were worried each time they talked to different vendors how they would react when explaining that it was a same-sex wedding and no one at any point made them feel uncomfortable.

Photography // Yasmina Nadine Photography // Sydney, NSW

The couple shopped for their wedding outfits separately with their respective parents, with only the wedding party knowing what the other was wearing. On the wedding day they dressed separately, preparing to meet each other for the first time in the ceremony room. 

In a beautiful country house in a small town, the pianist played Canon in D as one bride walked into the room after the other, surrounded by all the people they loved. Despite the nerves from earlier that morning the day went off without a hitch! The weather was beautiful with most of the guests in Sunglasses and spending time outside enjoying the warmth of sun and love.



Yasmina Nadine
Yasmina Nadine Photography

Sydney, NSW

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