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Really Funky Food & Beverage Trucks Across the Globe

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Since the explosion of food trucks over the last couple of years, we have been scouring the world for some of the best food & beverage trucks for weddings and events. Here is our list of funky food trucks and mobile bars that would be a great addition to any gay wedding.

The Airstream Mobile Cocktail Bar

Let's face it, who wouldn't want an old school American Airstream serving delicious cocktails to turn up and start serving your guests?! This mobile bar that incorporates high energy and a rock and roll vibe by Road Soda definitely makes our want list.

Images courtesy of Road Soda

The Champagne Bar

Of course we had to include a champagne bar and this pop-up bar was around Sydney Opera House two years ago. Love the decor too!

The Double Decker Coffee Express

Housed in a 1974 double decker bus, this coffee shop is a one of a kind. The Junction Coffee is not only a place to purchase your coffee, but they have converted the upper level for seating and ultimately a place to meet when travelling around town.

Found on Sprudge

The Party Bus, Cocktail Bar and Restaurant

Simon Davis bought a 1966 Routemaster from a garage in Hemel Hempstead. The double-decker London icon went out of service in the early 1980s and by the late 1990s, the route master was virtually extinct. At a cost of £150,000, it was restored and the old bus from a diesel-laden beaten-up old commuter vehicle to an elegant 1930s style mobile restaurant and cocktails bar. The bus’ last route after 30 years in service was up Rosebery Avenue in Islington.

Images from VanityFair

The Mobile Gin Bar

Scout & Sage Spirits began as a very persistent urge to make gin. So, with a determination and blind optimism never Margo, a vintage travelling gin bar is more than happy to attend an extravagant soiree or fun loving’ shindig to meet all your G&T needs.

Found on Scout & Sage Spirits

The Wine Truck

Maurice - A Citroën HY dates from 1961 and corresponds to the first versions of this type of vehicle, easily recognisable thanks to its double windscreen. We have given it a second youth (bodywork, mechanics) and have arranged it so that it is functional every day with wooden storage to store our cases of wine (storage of about 300 bottles). It also comes with an integrated refrigerated wine cellar to ensure a good service temperature for white wines, rosés and champagnes.

Image #1 Maurice Food Truck Image #2 Union Wine Company

The Prosecco Truck

The Prosecco Van is a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape, imported from Italy and lovingly converted into a unique little bar. The bar serves flash-cooled Glera Frizzante on tap, so you don’t have to pre-chill hundreds of bottles. This removes the need to hire cumbersome refrigeration units and dozens of ice buckets. Our bubbly comes by the barrel with each barrel containing 160 glasses!

The Martini Truck

If you happen to spot a small, beautiful Citroen Van driving through the streets of London, try to hail it down. Inside, you will find a mixologist crafting up made-to-order Martinis for lucky guests aboard the Boulangerie Francois Camionnette.

“Ceci n’est pas une boulangerie,” or “this is not a bakery.”

Written by The Weditors.
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