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REVIEW: Joy Wedding Planning App

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019

We attended a wedding in late 2018 where they used this handy little app called With Joy that collates everything, from sending the invites to collecting the responses. It’s like your own little website with all the details in one spot in this great app and best of all it’s free!

When it’s time to start planning your wedding this is a place that allows you to build a website, (that can be made public or private) create and manage your guest list, send invitations, share details about your event.

The App

Now let’s talk briefly about the app because we found this to be uber cool for plugged weddings. The newlyweds can create a hashtag and provide that hashtag to all the guests which they can use to upload photos and everyone can see them afterwards. I love the fact that this is free too so there’s no better way to encourage your guests to download an app and share without a fee for every time you upload.

Q. What did you like about the wedding planning app?

A. When I found it, I was surprised that it was completely free. I was looking for something similar but everything had drawbacks or high costs. This app basically covered what we were looking to create & share with our guests. – Ben & Chris

We also love the fact that the newlyweds can collate the RSVP’s all in one place but better than that you can create custom questions for the guests. One particular question we were asked is: Name a song that instantly brings us both together and we will hand it over to the wedding band!

If you are one of those newlyweds that knows they will make changes or may make changes as you lead up to your wedding you can send out updates and even track who has received and viewed them. No, it’s not stalker-ish, you are planning your wedding and you need to know certain details by specific dates because at the end of the day YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!

Q. How user friendly is it from a newlywed’s perspective?

A. Very user-friendly. The user interface is a WYSIWYG editor with pre-populated templates and fields that you fill out. The app is easy to use and has everything. – Ben & Chris


The best bit is you can share you full sized images with all the guests using a photo collection app. It’s pretty simple really, log in (if it’s private) and there you go you will start seeing a timeline of images. We laughed and cried at all the images that it collated and l am sure in the future we will sit down and run through them all again whilst drinking some wine.


I love the fact that you can create a code and email all your guests to gain access. This will undoubtedly sit well with queer couples who like their privacy when it comes to photos on the internet.

Q. What is it missing or what didn't you like about the app? Or what improvements would you like?

A. The app only had limited customisation in regard to the design. We weren’t precious about a specific design and found one on there that worked well for us. The only negative we found was it was slightly confusing for some of our elderly guests to work out if they’d signed up and RSVP’d, vs. just viewing the information available about the wedding with the password to our event. 

The improvement we’d make is to have the app more integrated with Instagram. We had a hashtag frame printed and it would have been nice to have the app link to the instagram hashtag and enable a gallery via instagram. There is an inbuilt gallery / social platform that is built within the app, however we found it a bit redundant as Instagram is a better platform for that. – Ben & Chris

With thanks to Ben & Chris
Married November 2018
Sydney, Australia
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