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Robbie and Dave's Melbourne Wedding

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dave and Robbie, recently celebrated seven years together and the first anniversary of their marriage. Meeting in a night club, it was two years after that night they officially got together. The rest as they say… is history.

Weditors: Who proposed and how?!

I had always made it clear, that it was going to be Dave’s responsibility to propose and that he better make it big! lol. 
He took me on a surprise holiday to Phuket for our 8th anniversary. On the eve of the anniversary, we had a fancy dinner and went for a walk along the beach. He proposed to me with a rose (we were watching The Bachelor a lot at the time) on the beach. 

Weditors: Were you after a particular season and/or style for your wedding?

We always wanted to get married on our anniversary so we knew it was going to be a September wedding. However, it was important to us both that we had the closest to a traditional wedding as possible. We booked Sails on the Bay because the beach backdrop seemed perfect (since the proposal was on a beach). It also allowed us to have the ceremony and reception at the same venue, and one could flow directly into the other. 

Weditors: That’s a good tip! How long did it take to plan your wedding?

We spent the year between the engagement and the actual wedding planning it from start to finish. It certainly ramped up in the last six months. I’m an event manager by trade, so at times it felt a little like work, but that also made it very important that it went well.

Weditors: What’s the most important thing about your wedding?

The most important thing to us was that we were getting married on our terms regardless of what the government or current law has to say about it. Dave and I considered this to be a true marriage no matter how long it takes till we can make it legal. We will always consider ourselves married from this date. 

Weditors: I love the cake! How did this come about?

The cake is one of the highlights of the day. A friend of ours Euan Ross is a beautiful cake maker and he asked me what my plans for a cake were. We knew we wanted a rainbow layered sponge and the lengths he went to blew me away! The size of it was astounding, He spent 40 hours on the construction. When I first walked into the room and saw it I burst into tears.

Weditors: Once marriage equality is legal in Australia, what are your plans to celebrate? Will you head to the registry office and have it made official or will you have another party/celebration?

Originally our plan was to just sign the papers as we would always consider this day to be our true wedding day. However, we recently celebrated our one year anniversary and we couldn’t help but be saddened by the fact that we are still waiting for the laws to change. I found it affected me more than I wanted it to and I realised it matters to me that our relationship is still not considered the same as every other. 

The plan now is for us to get our immediate family and bridal party back together for a nice dinner somewhere so we can say a couple of words and celebrate our equality.


Australia & NZ 

Venue: Sails on the Bay (Closed)
Photographer: Kate McConnell (Closed)
Cake: Euan Ross

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