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Wedding Flowers - September is for Ranunculus

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, August 19, 2019

Stuff your puffer jacket back into the dark no man’s land of your wardrobe, we’ve finally made it to spring! You may have noticed little circular flowers in various colours popping up like mini UFOs at your local flower shop. These brightly coloured little gems are ranunculi. 

A well known spring bulb, the ranunculus is quite long lasting as a cut flower and comes in almost every colour you could imagine, including some varieties that are multicoloured. Ranunculi can also vary greatly in shape and texture. Ranunculus Festival, for example, is a variety that has frilly, grassy foliage growing up through the flower head itself. Each one is slightly different, like a snowflake. The amount of variety you’ll find in just one bunch of ranunculi is astounding, as is the sometimes bafflingly twisty stem shape. Ranunculi march to the beat of their own drum and make a great addition to a rambling garden arrangement, due to their nonconforming nature.

Image courtesy of China Clay

Most commercially available ranunculus varieties are locally grown. However, in recent years a crop of super-sized Japanese ranunculi have been available on and off. These giant ranunculi are almost the size of a small peony and are an example of some of the imported flower varieties we’ve been lucky enough to have access to over the last few years.

Because of their relatively small size, ranunculi work best when fully open and viewed up close. When they’re fully open, ranunculi can have a fluffy, sometimes feathery quality. Being such a complex and many layered flower, they should be allowed to open fully and not packed too closely into an arrangement. They’re a great option for buttonholes and corsages, as well as wedding bouquets and low centrepieces.

For an informal and celebratory spring floral mood, you can’t beat them.

Celia Crawford
China Clay Floristry

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