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Signature Cocktails

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Cocktails are fabulous.
Nothing says a wedding more than enjoying a fantastic drink or two celebrating the love and union of two great friends. And nothing else says ‘fabulous drinks’ like cocktails! 

Most people will offer guests an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at their wedding. Some may even decide on a dry wedding, either for religious purposes, because the couple don’t drink much (or at all) themselves or they have that family member who turns into a nightmare when they get a few drinks into them. Nevertheless, a cocktail or two is a fantastic way to get your celebration under way and ensure your guests have a great time. Even mocktails can set the tone of the celebration. 

What cocktails should I serve?
This could vary depending on the location of your wedding and reception. 

If at a beach or outdoor setting, jugs of cocktails are an easy and great way to start the celebration. They can be easily poured out to your guests, are more cost-effective but also easier for the bar staff to make and serve. 

If at a restaurant or a bar, you can go all out and opt for more ornate cocktails that are made to order. These usually take longer to make that other drinks so take that into consideration when planning your day. 

Cocktails can be made to team with the theme of your wedding via a particular colour, or even a country e.g. Japan: a fruity cocktail made with yuzu juice; Italy: a spritz cocktail (prosecco or other sparkling wine with a fruit or bitter liqueur base - Aperol spritz are hot right now); Brazil: Caipirinhas, Mojitos or anything with white rum and fresh fruit juice. If having a beach wedding, try serving Piña Coladas. If having a winter wedding you could serve a rum and hot chocolate, or even mulled wine if it is cold enough. 

Pear & Pomegranate Bellini 
When should I serve them? 
Consider when to serve your chosen cocktail. Some are served at the start,
some serve the first drink right after the ceremony, some wait until the
reception begins. It all depends on your ideas and how you want
your special day structured. 

Consider the cost of cocktails into your budget as they are usually more
expensive per drink than a glass of wine. Remember most cocktails have a
higher volume of alcohol per drink than other drinks, so you don’t want everyone
sloshed before the meal service.

I would avoid the following: Negroni Manhattan or a Dry Martini as they are mostly
pure alcohol with very little or no mixer of any kind in them. 

Some cocktail suggestions: 
A classic Bellini – made with peach nectar and champagne or sparkling wine.
It was invented at the famous Harry’s bar in Venice. Simple, elegant & screams class. 
A Spritz cocktail – generally a sparkling wine mixed with a fruity or bitter liqueur.
 Aperol spritz, Elderflower cordial and prosecco. 
 A classic champagne cocktail or any other variation on it. 
• A refreshing gin or vodka-based cocktail - cucumber and tonic, raspberry
and lemon, apple and elderflower .
Sangria – white (sparkling wine based) or red (red wine based) sangria in a jug is a
refreshing and tasty way to start your festivities. 
Margherita – classic lemon or strawberry or even watermelon 
Daiquiris – watermelon, lychee, strawberry, passionfruit. They can be made in
big batches to be poured when ready to serve.
Mocktails – try some classic fruit blends and experiment with coconut juice,
fresh herbs and juices and sparkling water. In any event, cocktails are a fun way to
start any party and everyone loves to hold a classic cocktail glass in their hand. 

They are a sure way to facilitate conversation between your guests and get the
event underway in style. Cheers! 

Steve Miller 
Fine Wine and Dining Ambassador


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