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Significant Wedding Dates for LGBTI Couples

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, March 11, 2019

When selecting a date for your wedding you probably thought about the season, perhaps the venue costs and finally availability of the venue / celebrant / photographer etc.

Then there's personally significant dates to you which maybe the date you first met at Bunnings or an anniversary or when you came out.

But, there's another trend we are noticing that is impacting on the date of LGBTI couples wedding dates. It's significant dates for the queer community and many are choosing to wed on the dates we list below:

Zero Discrimination Day (March 1)
International Transgender Day of Visibility (31 March)

Lesbian Visibility Day (26 April)

IDAHOT Day (17 May)
Harvey Milk Day (May 22)
Irish Referendum (May 25)

Australia’s First Street ‘Festival’ before it was called Mardi Gras (June 24, 1978)
Stonewall Riots (June 28)
Pride Month (June)

Wear It Purple Day (August last Friday)

Celebrate Bisexuality Day (September 23)

National Coming Out Day (October 11)
Ally Week (October 2nd Week)
Intersex Awareness Day (October 26)

Trans Parent Day (November 1st Sunday)
Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20)

World AIDS Day (December 1)
The legalisation of Marriage Equality in Australia. (December 9)

Last year we saw many queer couples marry who have been together for multiple years (even several decades) and have lived through some of these events. They have marched, they have protested, they may have even been thrown in the 'darlinghurst clink' on the first Mardi Gras festival simply for being gay. These dates will not only be memorable but emotional especially on their special day. They may have even lost friends to AIDS or it may be a day when a friend passed so, remembrance is a huge factor for many people. 

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