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10 Ways to incoporate Succulents at Your Wedding.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Friday, November 02, 2018

If big, red roses seem too formal or expensive for your special day- keep it simple with succulents!

In the past few years, succulents have rapidly grown in popularity amongst interior designers, gardeners, and wedding planners. These little plants are much more than your average houseplant- most succulents can be propagated, meaning you can grow a new plant from the off cuts or leaves. This makes them easy to grow, care for, and make more of. Even better, after the festivities, your cut succulents can be replanted and keep growing.

Keep reading for the easiest ways to incorporate succulents at your wedding.


Corsages and Boutonnieres

Pinned on a suit lapel or fashioned into a bracelet, many florists will encourage you to opt for traditional roses or calla lilies in these floral accessories. Consider succulents instead. Their varieties come in many different colours, just like petaled flowers so you can still match your wedding’s theme; and because of their natural water-retention (all cactus plants are succulents) they’re much less likely to wilt by the end of the day.

Wedding Favours

Use the “Let Love Grow” theme and give each guest a small succulent for joining you on your special day. These can also serve as holders for table numbers or place settings and the fact that your guests walk away with them makes less cleaning up!

Succulent Love Sign 

Now this will take some time to setup, plant and grow if you plan to do this yourself. Start at least 6 months out and by the time your ceremony comes around they will be growing madly.

Aisle Flowers

These can become very expensive, especially when they’re filling big places in your decor. Try using succulents along the chair backs or as an aisle runner where you otherwise find floral bunches. If you’re feeling really frugal, you can even use planted succulents and re-purpose them somewhere else in the reception, or give them to the wedding party.

Succulent Wall

Feeling ambitious, or know someone with a green thumb?
After growing a heap of succulents, use floral wire to attach them to a small fence panel or grid for the perfect textured backdrop.

Table Centrepieces

This greenery can add heaps of colour, texture, and diversity to your table arrangements.

Cake Topper

Go all the way with the succulent theme and add them to your cake, cupcakes or deserts.

Floating Terrariums

Take your succulent theme outdoors with floating terrariums. By picking up plastic baubles and clear thread, you can add your favourite cactus or air plant for an easy whimsical look. Place a battery-operated tea light in half of the terrariums for a nighttime glow.

Succulent Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a beautiful accessory if you want to bring some natural colour to your attire. You can assemble these yourself by using a headband as a base, attaching the stems with floral wire, then wrapping any remaining exposed wire or headband with ribbon.
Click on the image to find out how to do this yourself.

Get growing! :)

Kassidy Eberhart
NSW, Australia

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