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5 Tips for the Best Rainy Wedding Day.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2018

They say it’s “good luck” to have rain on your wedding day… But without a plan, an unexpected downpour can make it feel as though your perfect vision is crashing down with the thunder. Here’s 5 tips to make the most out of a drizzly wedding day

Embrace it!

Even the best planners and most prepared couples can’t control the weather. Choosing a wedding date during the summer months, or in a less rainy location, can help deter a surprise storm but there’s no guarantee. The last thing you need on your wedding day is additional stress about the weather, right? Embrace it, and your guests will too.

Be Prepared.

An easy way to avoid stress because of the weather is to have a plan for it! When booking your vendors and wedding services, ask about their rain policy. Will your musicians still play outside? (Some stringed instruments, like harps and violins, don’t do well in wet weather). Does your venue have an alternate location you can move to, or an outdoor tent cover for rain? Having a plan with your vendors can subside last-minute stressful phone calls about “Plan B”.

Romantic Photos

A lot of photographers actually enjoy shooting in the rain! Why? Because clouds are great for eliminating shadows and unflattering light, and can add a moody and romantic tone to your photos. Be brave and embrace the elements! You may even prefer that your wedding photos aren’t bright and sunny like everyone else’s.

Image: AJR Studio

Fun Umbrellas

Aside from bouquets, umbrellas can make great props for your wedding photos. Clear “bubble” umbrellas let through surrounding light and are a good option for up-close and romantic photos.  Another option is to give everyone a different, brightly coloured umbrella (or ask guests to bring their own) for a rainbow element to the party!

Change your Shoes!

Splash in puddles. Run through the rain. Put on your wildest boots, and get messy! There’s nothing like wet weather to reason against wearing new, uncomfortable shoes, and opting for crazy socks and gumboots.

Kassidy Eberhart
NSW, Australia

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