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Top 2 Bottom Party Game

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Friday, March 30, 2018

It’s the Gay Party Game with a tag line of ‘Never Stop Gagging’. Realistically, it’s Cards Against Humanity with a gay twist. One person picks a pink card, reads it aloud and everyone else throws down an answer. This game is just as outrageous & dirty as you and your friends...maybe even dirtier.

We love the concept and had a few rounds with questions like:

Q. If l was stuck in an elevator l would ____ to pass the time.

It comes with 500 game cards, 125 pink question cards and 375 white answer cards. You can get a gay or lesbian expansion pack.. now who wouldn’t want one of those?! And feature packs for various cities in the USA.

We really need an aussie version of this, there were just too many ‘Americanisms’ that it was a bit of a stop start game for us.

Gold Star for creating the game, we definitely had a few giggles but ultimately needed a google home in order to work out what some of the cards were talking about.

Unfortunately the size of the cards were a real issue for us. They are tiny! If they were normal card size l think it would be much easier to hold and view the cards in your hands.

P.S No straights were harmed in the making of the game!

Live video demonstration here:


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