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What is a Venue Coordinator?

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Venue Coordinator assists with everything to do with the venue itself – such as food and beverages, basic setup, and accommodation if guests will be staying at the venue.

If your ceremony is at a different location than the venue, which is common, your on the day wedding coordinator will be there with you to ensure everything goes according to the timeline that you have agreed to. This is across all the supplier elements including hair and makeup, photographer and videographer, transport and your wedding party. A venue coordinator will not be at the offsite ceremony and will have had no involvement in the critical supplier coordination process. If the ceremony is at the venue, then the venue coordinator will be there to help but would not be involved with any third-party supplier that has not been organised through the venue. 

Photography // Josephine Ki // Sydney, NSW

The venue coordinator usually only remains at the venue until the main meal is served then leaves – although some may stay until the cake is cut and served but this varies greatly from venue to venue. Always confirm in your venue contract the specifics of exactly what your venue coordinator has guaranteed will happen for you and exactly what services will be performed by them on the day. This way there is no room for misunderstanding or disappointment as it is not uncommon for the venue coordinator (on the actual day) to be a different person than the one you have been dealing with through the booking and function planning phases. 

Photography // Josephine Ki // Sydney, NSW

Although the venue coordinator is there for you to make sure that the venue functions and elements are to your satisfaction, he or she is not likely to be involved if a crisis with your dress occurs, or Uncle Johnny has had too much to drink before the speeches, or when it comes time to pack up the gifts or wishing well ensuring all valuables are secured for transport. It is also worth noting that sometimes the venue coordinators have more than one wedding on per day, especially at large venues.

Also, generally, third party suppliers and or vendors such as your florist, transport, photographer, hair and makeup artists or musicians would not be contacted or coordinated by the venue coordinator unless it’s specified in your venue contract. 

Kerrie Wood 
Luxe Unforgettable Events 

Sydney, Australia
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