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Stonebarn Weddings Offers You the Entire Estate for Your Wedding.

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Monday, December 31, 2018

Here we feature, Stonebarn Truffiere and Lodge – a breathtaking sanctuary enwreathed by a thriving native countryside, what is not to love?

Stonebarn is located in a heritage region, tucked away in the slopes of the captivating Manjimup region, Western Australia. Manjimup is recognised for its rich, fertile loam soils and year-round warm climate enabling its claim to fame; as one of the largest truffle producing regions in the world. With a delicate country charm and unique activities for the cultured traveller – it is no surprise that this is a place that is effortlessly growing into a getaway for the culinary enthusiast. 

Stonebarn has carved its name into the minds of partners & groups that desire the ultimate experience when organising functions & ceremonies. With exclusive access to its 160-acre estate, the lodge boasts a plethora of functional settings to cater for the most fastidious couples. 

Stonebarn is critically acclaimed for exquisite features, such as the outdoor bathing setting; ideal for the intimate moment catching the magnificent spectrum of colours as the sun sets into the surrounding forestry. Paris-based Australian architect, Aviva F Shpilman, tailored a distinct motif of refinement, using the veil of Australia’s native landscape to shelter each of its palatial ornaments.

  • Uninterrupted – You have access to the entire venue. Stonebarn values a preference for privacy and operates as a “sole-use” venue, offering complete admission to the Truffiere, tastes and trails.  

  • Your wedding, your way - Don’t like the outdoors? Take it inside! Stonebarn has 6 Ceremony locations, leaving couples with more choice! Pick between the Gazebo, the Veranda, the Dining Room, the Dam, the River or the Clearing. And the best bit, no add-on fees! Take a look at this, easy to use map of the site.

  • No Time-Constraints - To complement open access to the entire venue, there is also no curfew, so guests don’t have to wind down the festivities at a certain time. Raise a glass of the region’s finest wine and watch the sun set (or rise) on your special occasion.

  • Superior service experience - A quick look at any reviews of this site will reveal that Stonebarn is thoughtfully and deliberately planned. Everything from the exquisite French embellishments, to the practicality of their accommodation and information on their website. (For example, check out this list of bedroom accessories) 

  • Paint your perfect day - Stonebarn promotes itself as a blank-canvas venue, which means that planners can curtail their wedding exactly how they imagined. What’s more, Stonebarn offers hire options and a self-catered kitchen. Invite a chef to personalise your menu and crank up the volume on your hired sound system. 

Where will we stay?

Stonebarn has you covered. With exquisite accommodation for 16, comprising 6 expertly furnished suites and and a self-catering apartment for another 4 guests, Stonebarn offers stunning value with tastefully decorated lounge areas, claw-foot baths, and gorgeous views. 

Why do we love Stonebarn? 

Stonebarn is one of those venues that has thoughtfully included something for everyone. Their close affinity with other suppliers and their experience in the wedding industry, combined with the natural features provided by mother nature make Stonebarn an undisputed choice of venue for your perfect moment.

Their location is another point of interest. Stonebarn offers privacy for your function. For those that want the secret wedding, Stonebarn liberates its guests from the city, yet is near enough that they can return to the city without too much strain.

Dominic Giuliano
NSW, Australia

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