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What’s Trending in Summer Wedding Fashions for Same-sex Couples

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Friday, January 25, 2019

Whether you’re getting married or just a guest at a wedding, you deserve to look your best! Dresses, tuxedos and other formal wear can feel luxurious but sweat isn’t sexy. Before choosing your style for this season’s special events think about the fabric first. 

Suit styles and preferences can vary as much as the people wearing them but one consideration remains the same: some fabrics are just better suited (pun intended) for summer than others.  

When it’s hot and humid, the type of fabric you choose can ultimately affect your overall look. Heading down the aisle with a soaked shirt is no way to start a wedding. Whether you’re going to an outdoor garden ceremony or just walking from the car to the ballroom, the last thing you want is to suffer from clothes made of stifling fabric.


Choose clothing made from 100% wool or linen to keep you light and cool. Wool might make you think of winter but this fibre has a naturally ability to shed water. It also helps to pull moisture and heat away from your skin to keep you cool and dry. 

Linen is a super lightweight fabric that provides unmatched airflow and lets your body breathe. It’s less clingy than other materials and dries quickly should your clothing become wet (helpful if you plan on popping champagne bottles). Since linen creases easily, it’s mostly used in less formal weddings. 

Cotton is also a popular option for any type of summer attire, including wedding ensembles. Light and airy, 100% fine cotton is generally low maintenance and budget-friendly. 

As an added bonus wool, cotton, and linen are 100% natural and sustainable and look flattering on any body type. 

Materials to Avoid 

If linen or wool aren’t viable options then you should take care to avoid some of the most heat-producing fabrics if you want to stay fresh and focused. 

One of the worst offenders is polyester fabrics. While they’re often the cheapest, they’re also water repellant. This means that instead of wicking moisture away from you polyester allows moisture to build, which can leave you feeling sticky, sweaty, and miserable. Beware the polyester/wool blends too - adding wool to the mix doesn’t give you the same benefits as 100% wool.  

In fact, most fabric blends are summer wedding no-go’s. Due to their synthetic nature, they don’t usually excel at keeping you cool and dry. Any fabric that’s clingy, tight, or repels water will make you rethink your choices.  


Mix and Match 

Once you’ve settled on a fabric option you need to turn that material into shapes and styles that flatter. Finding that perfect combination isn’t always easy, especially since there are dozens of ways to mix and match suit pieces.  

The classic three-piece suit remains a top choice consisting of a coordinating jacket, vest, and pants. Or you can pare down the options to just a jacket and pants - one less layer might leave you cooler if the special date is during the peak of summer. 

If you’re wearing a long necktie it usually makes sense to wear a vest to keep your tie tucked into place. Bow ties can work with or without a vest or choose to go sans tie.  

Other accessories that can complete your ensemble include silk pocket squares, cummerbunds, cufflinks, tie clips, belt or suspenders, socks, and lapel pens. These items all give you limitless flexibility in customising your look. 

With bespoke suits keep in mind that you’re never stuck with the basic, masculine cuts of traditional weddings. You can opt for curvier lines, tighter fits, shorter jackets, higher in-seams, and softer colors than what you’d find in an off-the-rack suit shop. 

Looking for a Summer Suit? 

Trending Now: Shane Ave Summer wedding trends are constantly in motion and Shane Ave strives to stay on the cusp of styles their customers crave. 

One of the most surprising trends seen is the shirtless vest with coordinated pants. It’s actually a genius idea for summer because it eliminates one of the most stifling layers of the suit. 

Also, trending is the step outside the one-dimensional colour chart in favour of mixing bolder colors, textures and patterns. Stripes, plaids and even metallics are making their way down the aisle. 

“We’ve seen such a shift in what summer wedding attire not only looks like but also how it makes the wearer feel.” says Deb Saywell, Founder and Lead Designer of Shane Ave. We know that in order for us to offer true bespoke suits, we need to consider that no option is off the table and help each of our clients experience clothing like never before.” 

“What our clients want is the opportunity to step into an environment that gives them the confidence to express what they want to wear on their wedding day with no judgement or recourse. There is no right or wrong - just professional, friendly advice that focuses on colour palettes, fabrics and your desired fit to make every wedding truly special.” 

“Our clients want to feel empowered when choosing their wedding attire.” Saywell observes: “The shopping experience for our LGBTIQ community is rife with challenges and fears that typical department stores just aren’t equipped to handle their needs and every newlywed deserves to feel special on their day.” 

Deb Saywell
Founder, Shane Ave

Models: Kyrah Cilia, Maria Temelkos, Susie Culbert, Jacqueline Lee Freestone

Photography: SameLove Photography
Venue: The Winery
Attire: Shane Avenue
Flowers: My Little Peony
Jewellery: Tesseralla House
Headpieces: The Brothers at Otaa

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