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Choosing A Wedding Style That Suits You

By Wedeqtory Directory - Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2019

One of the first things to consider is the type of style you would like to incorporate within your wedding. There are many to choose from and we have rounded up some of the more common ones to consider.

Oakdene, Wallington

The Park, Melbourne
Darling & Co, Brisbane
The Vincent, Melbourne
The Winery, Sydney

Waterman's Room, Sydney

A rustic look will combine the natural aesthetics and simplicity of a country life style with organic elements such as timber and metals with unstructured bouquets and floral decors.

The modern wedding style can be thought of as the opposite design of the vintage style. This sleek look has an almost futuristic feel to it, including the most contemporary decor and a venue with modern architecture and geometric shapes. This style focuses on minimalism across all spaces on the day. 

A classic look is elegant and traditional, and it’s always tasteful. A similar styling option that is popular amongst couples is vintage. 

Vintage design style, which incorporates antique buildings and decors so, your guests feel like they’re being transported back in time.

Formal weddings are just that - formal and usually black tie that sets the tone of the event across spaces, pace and flow.

A casual wedding style is the perfect design for your day if you are free flow and do not have any convictions to structures to your big day – and wish to celebrate your love in a relaxed and casual way. This wedding style is often set on a beach or home front where your guests can sit back and celebrate the love between you and your soonto- be spouse with their shoes off style. This design will the focus in on the couple rather than any aesthetic.

The Romantic style wedding certainly seeks to create a “magical” day to remember and usually incorporates flowers and other foliage with a breathtaking lush design. When choosing this wedding style, you will feel like you’re stepping into a fairy tale as you enter the ceremony and reception space.

The art-deco wedding style is the perfect choice for you if you love glitz and glam. This jazz-inspired design utilises gold and glitter. The art-deco style can be thought of as a hybrid of glam and vintage – think “Gatsby” and all things F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A glam wedding style is great for lovers of metallic colours. If you envision your wedding to be full of sparkle and shine, this style is one to seriously consider. Chandeliers are a common focal point at weddings with this design and are often decorated with ornate floral arrangements. This wedding style is a win for those who would like a Hollywood vibe on their memorable day.

It is or should be always an option to discuss looks from several different styles for a unique design and styling that speaks to your day; your way and for your wedding that will be totally unforgettable and forms a fusion that is true to you both. Luxe Unforgettable Events can assist you and your partner with an effective way to deliver your dream day with styling and planning that represents you, your partner and the personality of the day in an affordable way.

If you would like to explore your options for styling and planning further we are happy to arrange a complimentary consult which will provide you with a detailed look at all that goes into the planning, design and delivery of your wedding day, your budget expectation and next steps in the styling and planning journey toward your biggest day.

Kerrie Wood 
Luxe Unforgettable Events 
Sydney, Australia 

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