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When we launched into the LGBTI Wedding Industry (under the name Equally Wed in 2012) at the time there was no other directory, platform or website that delivered a safe, welcoming wedding website for LGBTI couples. We started working with the wedding community, allowing vendors who support marriage equality to come out and proudly showcase their services or venue to same-sex couples. 

Over the last seven years we have built not only a wedding directory solely for the LGBTI community but also produced a printed a magazine, co-developed a weducation masterclass and sourced many wedding products for our shop.  Yes, we have been busy :-) and you can read more about us here.

We offer various payment plans for quarterly and yearly subscriptions that will suit your budget. Plus, we provide assistance in the sign up process so you are on-board within 24 hours of payment.
  • No Pay Per Lead Fees
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I cannot recommend Wedeqtory enough - what an amazing platform both for couples and suppliers who embrace that #LoveIsLove. 
As a wedding photographer, Wedeqtory has boosted my profile within the LGBTI community and a few weddings have been booked as a result. 
Owner/ operator Nivelo is always a pleasure to deal with and is very helpful and proactive to ensure that the site is full of new content and that
my work is shown to as many engaged couples as possible. Thank you Wedeqtory! Yasmina Nadine Photography

Wedeqtory has never sent me a bad client. It seems to attract the coolest folk in town and makes my job not only easier, but the best frickin' job in the world!
I'll be sticking with them till the end of time!!! Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant

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